Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale Concludes

The Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale was held in Chester, S.C., on Monday, September 10. Hosted by Sunny Day Farm and Her-Man Jerseys, 131 head of Registered Jerseys went through the ring for an average of $1039. Cattle ranged in age from young milk cows to a 10 day old calf.

Steve Rowley of Mississippi invested in two of the top-selling lots of the sale. Lot 3, JX LYLESTANLEY VICEROY HARLEY 2817 {5}-ET sold for $2600. The February 2018 calf has a GJPI of 165 with several VG and EX dams to back her. She was consigned to the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale by Lylestanley Trace, LLC, Fl.


Next high selling lot was Lot 169 WILL DO CHROME HARMONY from Ettinger Jerseys, S.C.  She sold for $2300, carrying a deep family line of VG and EX dams who also do well in production.

Also selling at the $2000 mark was Lot 4, WILL DO BARNABAS HOOP (East Glen Jerseys, SC) and Lot 13, LYLESTANLEY FIZZ JOLENE 2437, (Hobbs Lutz, SC) from Ettinger Jerseys and Lylestanly Trace, LLC, respectively.


Southeast Jersey Invitational – IN PICTURES

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale will be held at Sunny Day Farms / Her-Man Jerseys in Chester, S.C., on MONDAY, September 10, starting at 11:00 a.m. (EDT). Bidding will also be live on

SE Sale Catalog  |  SE Sale Flysheets  |  SE Invitational Updates

From a September, 2018 calf (Lot 301) to Milk Cows ready work, there is truly something for everyone. Type and production, genomics and cow families. Springing heifers and ready to breed yearlings.

Enjoy browsing the pictures below, a sample of the 130 head selling from Southeast Jersey breeders. More consignments have been added to the gallery.

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Southeast Invitational Sale

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale will take place for it’s second year at hosts Sunny Day and Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, S.C. Sale day will be on Monday, September 10, beginning at 11:00 a.m. (EDT). The sale will be available for live viewing and bidding at

A small selection of 17 head will be featured in a tie-up style sale, while over 120 head will be sold in loose housing format, housed in the pastures of our host farm. Browse the SE Jersey Sale Catalog for open and breeding aged heifers, bred heifers of varying trimesters and milk cows. So whether you are looking for recipients for an embryo or IVF program in your herd, or fast bulk tank influence, the breeders of the southeast region have consigned from the heart of their herds.

View the sale information page HERE and the pdf catalog for download, print and browse (SE Jersey Sale Catalog)

Join us in South Carolina, hopefully without a hurricane this year!

JMS Fall Sale Consignments WANTED!

The fall sale season will be upon us quickly and we are looking for your consignments! We have several regional sales and elite national sales for you to consider putting your herd’s best!

Please turn your lists of quality production based cows, nice replacement heifers, notable cow family members, superior type, and/or genomic tested prospects in to your area representative or the JMS staff. We would be happy to help you market your Jersey genetics!

These consignments will be needed soon, as the first sale of the fall season.

Jersey Journal Ad deadline: July 20 |  CATALOG deadline: August 1


Jersey Journal Ad Deadline: July 20  |  CATALOG deadline: August 17


Top of the World Sale features the nation’s elite, and the Dairyland Production Sale features the region’s best production based Jerseys.

Jersey Journal Ad Deadline: August 12  |  CATALOG deadline: August 22


Jersey Journal Ad Deadline: August 12  |  CATALOG deadline: September 15



Pot O’ Gold consignments are all genomic tested. AJCA will pay for 3 tests of POG nominees, and they will need to be submitted to the labs BEFORE Sept 1.

Jersey Journal Ad Deadline: September 12  |  CATALOG deadline: September 12


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Conclusion to the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale

A beautiful sunny day was on tap for the attendees of the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale in Chester, S.C. The event was hosted by Sunny Day Farm and Her-Man Jerseys. The sale had a small featured group of heifers and cows who were lead though the ring, while the majority were sent to the ring as loosed housed individuals, all total numbering 157 head. The average was $1849. Thirteen states ware represented as 30 different buyers kept the bidding lively, both in the tent and on the internet. Adrie Vanderjagt, Chandler, Texas, was the volume buyer, with 85 head.


Lot 37 was the high selling animal of the day, bringing $6500 for consignors Hobbs Lutz and Sierra Tinsley, Chester, S.C. Her-Man Mozart Dazzle Desire-ET was purchased by Hannah Hurst and Diley Jersey Farm, Waynesville, Ohio.

Lot 4 hails from Lylestanly Trace LLC, Lee, Fl., and can boast of being the second high seller at the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale. JX Lylestanley Marlo Moanna 25801 {3}-ET sold to Ahlem Farm Partnership, Hilmar, Calif., for $5700.

Lot 17 was consigned from Lylestanley Trace, JX Lylestanley Avon My Ty 2349 {3}-ET. She sold to Chapman Jersey Farm, Taylorsville, N.C., for $5100.

Lot 5 and Lot 9 sold for $4800 to Ahlem Farms Partnership, and both were consignments from Lylestanley Trace LLC. Lot 5 was JX Lylestanley Avon Joly 2578 {3}-ET and Lot 9 was JX Lylestanley Luke Maddie 2517 {3}-ET.

Rounding out the list of cattle selling for over $4000 was Lot 8 from Lylestanley Trace LLC, who’s many consignments were featured in the halter sale.

Lylestanley Tequila Calista 2521-ET sold to Rock Creek Cattle in Lewisburg, Tenn., for $4200.

Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale “Tie-Up” Lots

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale will be FRIDAY, September 15, in Chester, S.C. Hosted by Her-Man Jerseys and Sunny Day Farm, the sale will begin at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and will be broadcast LIVE on

Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale (catalog) | SEI Fly Sheets


Sale Order (will sell after milk cows)

Pictures and videos of the cattle are being taken and will be posted on the JMS Blog throughout the day. Featured in this post are the “tie-up” consignments, boasting of great type, genomics, and deep family pedigrees.

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