Pot O’Gold Sale Concludes

Sponsored by Cow’s Match Jersey Blend, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products


The 60th Pot O’Gold Sale was held on Saturday evening, November 4, in Louisville, Ky., as part of the All American Junior Jersey Show activities. A huge thanks to Cow’s Match Jersey Blend, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products for continuing to support our Jersey youth!

A great night of family bonding and new and seasoned Jersey youth experiencing the thrill of a sale, 32 genomic tested heifers paraded through the ring at the Pot O’Gold Sale. They averaged $2959.

Top selling heifer was consigned by Her-Man Jerseys and Sunny Day Farm, Chester, S.C. Lot 136 is Her-Man/SDF Balin Beck-P, selling for $7500 to Camille Herrera of Hilmar, Ca.

Second high selling heifer, and another exchange of coasts, was Lot 107, Primus Kwynn Haven-ET. She was consigned by Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Ca., and was purchased by Lydia Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y., for $5200.

We wish all the Jersey youth all the best with their purchases in the 60th Pot O’Gold Sale. You make us all proud!

Top of the World Jersey Sale Finishes

The Top of the World Jersey Sale was held on October 4 in Madison, Wis., as part of the World Dairy Expo Jersey activities. With semen and a choice, 37 lots sold for an average of $2886.

The high selling heifer, Lot 25, is Intense Gentry Priceless, the 2nd place Senior Yearling in the 2017 International Jersey Show. Consigned by Clark Valley and Tim Natzke, Wis., she sold to Pacific Ridge, Brent Rocha, Ore., for $7,200.

Lots B and C from Matthew Steiner, Ohio, sold to Vierra Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif., for $6,200 and $5,750 respectively. This makes them second and third high selling lots of the sale.

A big thank you to the consignors to the 2017 Top of the World Sale, along with the bidders and buyers. Best of luck on all your purchases!


Mid-Atlantic Fall Jersey Classic Sale Final

A warm sunny day that laughed in the face of the fall season being “official” was the setting for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Fall Jersey Classic Sale, hosted by Craig Rhein and family in Pine Grove, Pa. A total of 490 head crossed the sale ring, all ages of heifers, and one that calved the night before the sale. An average of $1179 was the final tally.

Huffard Jersey Farms, Crockett, Va., was the final buyer in a spirited bidding battle for Lot 240, JX RFF Vandrell Twinkie {3}, the high seller of the sale. Consigned by Richardson Family Farm, Woodstock, Vt., this JX Faria Brothers Vandrell {2}-ET daughter sold for $5,100. A February 2016 heifer, she has a traditional JPI of 182 and is due in January to sexed JX Crescent Volcano Grant {6}.

Several volume buyers supported the sale, including Sara Halliburton, Tenn., with 50 head; Piazzo Dairy, Buckeye, Ariz., with 54 head; Adrie Vanderjagt, Tx., with 61 head; and Jeff Adams, Wash., with 80 head; and Creek Bottom Farm, Pa., with 114 head. Over 20 buyers from 13 different states distributed New England and Mid-Atlantic region genetics into their herds.

Thank you to the buyers, the bidders and the consignors for supporting this year’s Mid-Atlantic Fall Jersey Classic Sale in Pine Grove, Pa.

Conclusion to the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale

A beautiful sunny day was on tap for the attendees of the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale in Chester, S.C. The event was hosted by Sunny Day Farm and Her-Man Jerseys. The sale had a small featured group of heifers and cows who were lead though the ring, while the majority were sent to the ring as loosed housed individuals, all total numbering 157 head. The average was $1849. Thirteen states ware represented as 30 different buyers kept the bidding lively, both in the tent and on the internet. Adrie Vanderjagt, Chandler, Texas, was the volume buyer, with 85 head.


Lot 37 was the high selling animal of the day, bringing $6500 for consignors Hobbs Lutz and Sierra Tinsley, Chester, S.C. Her-Man Mozart Dazzle Desire-ET was purchased by Hannah Hurst and Diley Jersey Farm, Waynesville, Ohio.

Lot 4 hails from Lylestanly Trace LLC, Lee, Fl., and can boast of being the second high seller at the Southeast Jersey Invitational Sale. JX Lylestanley Marlo Moanna 25801 {3}-ET sold to Ahlem Farm Partnership, Hilmar, Calif., for $5700.

Lot 17 was consigned from Lylestanley Trace, JX Lylestanley Avon My Ty 2349 {3}-ET. She sold to Chapman Jersey Farm, Taylorsville, N.C., for $5100.

Lot 5 and Lot 9 sold for $4800 to Ahlem Farms Partnership, and both were consignments from Lylestanley Trace LLC. Lot 5 was JX Lylestanley Avon Joly 2578 {3}-ET and Lot 9 was JX Lylestanley Luke Maddie 2517 {3}-ET.

Rounding out the list of cattle selling for over $4000 was Lot 8 from Lylestanley Trace LLC, who’s many consignments were featured in the halter sale.

Lylestanley Tequila Calista 2521-ET sold to Rock Creek Cattle in Lewisburg, Tenn., for $4200.

Ameri-Milk Completes Herd Dispersal

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Don Mielke’s Ameri-Milk Jerseys (and some Holstein cows) held a complete “retirement” dispersal today, at the farm in Menasha, Wis. A light breeze with plenty of sunshine had the large crowd in great spirits as they gathered to support years of great breeding. 42 different buyers from nine different states purchased cattle, semen and/or equipment at today’s event, dispersing Don’s deep pedigreed herd across the mid-west region.

Cattle numbered 96 lots, for a $1531.51 average. With semen lots and equipment lots added to the sale equal a total of 115 lots with a $1359.

Lot 320 – JX Ameri-Milk Grabmycup Georgett320 {6}-ET – sold for $8400 to D&D Jerseys, Newton, Wis.

Lot 311 – JX Ameri-Milk Eusi Twinkle-311 {5} – sold for $5000 to Jason and Leah James, Mineral Point, Wis.

Lot 268 – Ameri-Milk Apple Paisley 268 – sold for $3900 to Gary Schwefel, Fond du Lac, Wis.

Lot 273 – JX Ameri-Milk Texas Tribute 273 {4} – sold to Ryan Gartman, Cedar Grove, Wis., for $3550

Lot 209 – Ameri-Milk Sam Atta-209 – sold for $3350 to Jason Cast, Beaver Crossing, Neb.

Lot 245 – Ameri-Milk Crit Victoria 245-P – sold for $3300 to David Wagner, Maribel, Wis.

Lot 32 – Lost-Elm TBone Eryn – sold for $3000 to Brianna Glaeser, Valders, Wis.

Don and his family, as well as Jersey Marketing Service, wish all the buyers great luck with their new purchases and thank all those who supported the sale today.


Ohio Spring Classic Sale Wrap-up

The Ohio Spring Classic Sale was held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio today, with 128 lots going through the ring, averaging $2119.

Lot 45 was the top seller of the day, consigned by River Valley Farm in Tremont, Ill. River Valley Genie Spice 1664-ET sold to Sam, Angela and George Colpetzer, Greenville, Pa., for $9000.

Lot 19, from Lindsays Pine Hill Jersey Farm, New Waterford, Ohio, was the second high seller. JX Pine Hill Vandrell Lumber {3} brought a selling price of $7500, and sold to ST Genetics.

Lot 18 was the third high selling of the Ohio Spring Classic Sale, from Albright Jerseys LLC, Willard, Ohio. JX AJ Avon 3258 {3} was purchased by ST Genetics for $7200.

Consignors sent cattle from seven different states, for both a tie-up and “commercial” format of the sale combined. Buyers were from 13 different states, from Maine to Oklahoma. Adrie Vanderjagt of Sulphur Springs, Texas was the volume buyer.