Jersey Bid




Jersey Bid ( is a monthly online auction where breeders can sell quality live cattle in single lots or group pens, embryo packages or semen inventory. The monthly auctions are scheduled to be open for bidding starting the third Monday and closing out starting at 1:30 p.m. (EST) on the fourth Tuesday of each month (with a few slight exceptions). Extended Bidding follows in most cases…Horse Race Style Closing

We can also host state sales or herd reduction sales on Jersey Bid. To reserve your sale date, or obtain more details on pricing, contact Jersey Marketing Service at or 614-322-4473.


Consignments can be sent to any member of the Jersey Marketing Service staff or your area representative. Two options for listing are available.

  1. Minimum Bid Option
     In this option the consignor sets a reasonable minimum bid for the quality of the consignment being sold. That minimum bid is displayed with the lot on Jersey Bid and must first be accepted by a bidder to allow for raising bids to be placed and the lot to be sold. A 3% listing fee (calculated from the minimum bid amount) is charged to the consignor allowing for the lot to remain on Jersey Bid, if necessary, for up to one year – with no changes made to the lot. Upon a successful sale, the 3% listing fee is reimbursed and a 7% commission is deducted from the selling price.
  2. Absolute Bid Option
    In this option the consignor allows the consignment to be sold for what the buyers decide to pay, with no minimum price being set. Upon a successful sale, a 6% commission is deducted from the selling price.

Professional pictures, quality candid photos and/or videos to be posted with the consignments are advised and welcomed.


Buyers can register to bid for the Jersey Bid auction on the website homepage. Bidding close-out is done in Horse Race Style Closing.


Trucking and shipping of cattle, embryos and semen are responsibility of the buyer. JMS is happy to help with arrangements if needed, please contact the staff to let them know your arrangements or need of arrangements upon winning the lot. You will be sent an invoice by the American Jersey Cattle Association / Jersey Marketing Service. Successful payment is required before any movement of cattle, embryos or semen.


You can contact any member of the staff with questions, comments, consignments, etc.

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