Dairyland Protein Sale Visuals

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The Dairyland Protein Sale will take place in Janesville, Wis., on FRIDAY, October 6 at 11:00 a.m. (CDT). It is held at the Rock County Fairgrounds in Janesville, Wis.

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Close to 70 head will be selling and picture galleries and video links are available now.


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Cows of the Top of the World Sale

** Sale Order **

The Top of the World Jersey Sale is on Wednesday evening, 4:00 p.m. (CDT) in the Estrumate Sale Pavilion, as part of the World Dairy Expo Jersey festivities in Madison, Wis. The Udder shot gallery was taken with the cows full of milk, while the side shot gallery of pictures were taken this morning, with udders not as full.

The two dry cows, Lots 33 and 36, are also in this slide show gallery.

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Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale “Tie-Up” Lots

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale will be FRIDAY, September 15, in Chester, S.C. Hosted by Her-Man Jerseys and Sunny Day Farm, the sale will begin at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and will be broadcast LIVE on JerseyAuctionLive.com.

Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale (catalog) | SEI Fly Sheets


Sale Order (will sell after milk cows)

Pictures and videos of the cattle are being taken and will be posted on the JMS Blog throughout the day. Featured in this post are the “tie-up” consignments, boasting of great type, genomics, and deep family pedigrees.

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Southeast Invitational – Cow Families

%The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale has many cow families featured, from many of the notable herds in the southeast and across the U.S. A video of all the cows pictured in the catalog is available, but take a look at some of the featured Jerseys and families in the slideshow below.

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale (catalog) will be on FRIDAY, September 15 @ 11:00 a.m., hosted by Her-Man Jerseys and Sunny Day Farm.

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Ameri-Milk Completes Herd Dispersal

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Don Mielke’s Ameri-Milk Jerseys (and some Holstein cows) held a complete “retirement” dispersal today, at the farm in Menasha, Wis. A light breeze with plenty of sunshine had the large crowd in great spirits as they gathered to support years of great breeding. 42 different buyers from nine different states purchased cattle, semen and/or equipment at today’s event, dispersing Don’s deep pedigreed herd across the mid-west region.

Cattle numbered 96 lots, for a $1531.51 average. With semen lots and equipment lots added to the sale equal a total of 115 lots with a $1359.

Lot 320 – JX Ameri-Milk Grabmycup Georgett320 {6}-ET – sold for $8400 to D&D Jerseys, Newton, Wis.

Lot 311 – JX Ameri-Milk Eusi Twinkle-311 {5} – sold for $5000 to Jason and Leah James, Mineral Point, Wis.

Lot 268 – Ameri-Milk Apple Paisley 268 – sold for $3900 to Gary Schwefel, Fond du Lac, Wis.

Lot 273 – JX Ameri-Milk Texas Tribute 273 {4} – sold to Ryan Gartman, Cedar Grove, Wis., for $3550

Lot 209 – Ameri-Milk Sam Atta-209 – sold for $3350 to Jason Cast, Beaver Crossing, Neb.

Lot 245 – Ameri-Milk Crit Victoria 245-P – sold for $3300 to David Wagner, Maribel, Wis.

Lot 32 – Lost-Elm TBone Eryn – sold for $3000 to Brianna Glaeser, Valders, Wis.

Don and his family, as well as Jersey Marketing Service, wish all the buyers great luck with their new purchases and thank all those who supported the sale today.


Ameri-Milk Complete Dispersal – COWS in Pictures


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Don Mielke is planning to retire, so the complete dispersal of his Jersey herd will be taking place on June 10 at the farm. The sale will begin at 11:00 a.m. (CDT) and will also be broadcast LIVE on JerseyAuctionLive.com.  There are also nine Holstein milking and dry cows that will be selling. (For Heifer, Bull and Dry Cow Pictures, Click HERE.) Some equipment and semen will be on the sale, with pictures following later.

Ameri-Milk Dispersal Catalog

Ameri-Milk Sale Flysheet – 243


The herd is a tie-stall trained group, and the milk cow picture gallery follows:

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