JMS Sale Calendar – Spring 2017


The Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) spring 2017 sale calendar has been filling up! Take a look through the dates and sales to see if there is an event where we can help market your registered Jersey cattle. There are several opportunities for breeders of type, deep family lines, genomics, or production to showcase their cattle and pedigrees.

While the calendar has several dates reserved, many are still available. If you have an idea of how JMS’s sale staff and management can aid you in Jersey cattle sales and marketing, please let us know!

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Please let any of your JMS Staff or AJCA/NAJ Area Representatives know if you have consignments for any of these great sales, if you have marketing opportunities you would like our assistance with, or just general questions about registered Jersey cattle!



Holiday Spectacular Sale ONLINE


holiday-spectacularThe 2017 Holiday Spectacular Sale is now available for online bidding!
Starting today and ending on January 10 at 7:00 p.m. (EDT), Jersey cattle and embryos are available from around the USA and Canada.

22 lots are online…

  • LOT 1 – A “Chili” genomic tested 2-year-old AND LOT 2 – her Sunset Canyon Mirror bull calf, also genomic tested
  • LOT 3 – Arethusa Verbatim Response embryos from Sunset Canyon Chairman Anthem 3-ET, E-92%
  • LOTS 4-7 – CHROME / SHOWDOWN / RENO / AXIS embryos from TJF Fredrico Roxy, E-92%
  • LOT 8 – VALENTINO embryos from Verjatin Random Liz-ET EX 90 CAN
  • LOT 9 – JOEL or MAS embryos from Verjatin Frontrunner Lizinac-ET VG 86 CAN (2-year-old)
  • LOT 10 – MAS embryos from Verjatin Decoy Lisarianne-ET VG 85 CAN (2-year-old)
  • LOT 11 – A “Chili” genomic tested bull calf from an E-91% dam
  • LOT 12 – A group of open heifers
  • LOT 13 – A group of springing heifers
  • LOT 14 – A July 2016 “On Time” daughter
  • LOT 15 – A September 2016 “Primero” daughter
  • LOT 16 – A September 2016 “Primero” daughter
  • LOT 17 – A September 2015 “Applejack” daughter, bred to “Tequila”
  • LOT 18 – A June 2016 “Eusebio” son, from “Key Lime-P” and is genomic tested
  • LOT 19 – A “Chili” springer, genomic tested
  • LOT 20 – Group of 5 springing heifers
  • LOT 21 – A dry cow, due in mid-March
  • LOT 22 – A dry cow, due in late February

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Gaby Jersey Farm – A legacy complete

gaby-familyThe Warren, John and Henry Gaby families dispersed the milk cows and bred heifers of Gaby Jerseys at the farm in Greenville, Tenn., today. A chilly, sunny day was the setting, with a tent full of family and Jersey friends supporting these long time breeders of influential Jersey cattle. A large number of bidders and viewers participated in the sale through the internet as well.

A total of 172 head sold in the Gaby Jersey Farm Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Dispersal, for an average $2,015.12. Taking into account only Gaby owned cattle, the average was $2093.58. Twenty-five different buyers from 14 different states and Canada bought genetics from the herd today.

Ambian Dairy LLC, Arizona, was the volume buyer with 77 head.

high-sellerLot 2210 sold to Chaney Waldon of Lyerly, Georgia as the high selling lot of the day. Gabys Champ Alyssa-ET, VG-85% sold for $4300 and sells serviced to Glynn Headline News-ET, 7JE1184 after freshening in July. She is a genomic tested “Champ” daughter from Gabys Artist Ambrosia, E-94%.

The entire Gaby family would like to thank the bidders and buyers of the cattle today, for having confidence in the genetics the family has bred throughout the years. JMS would like to thank the Gaby family for allowing us to help with the event culminating your many years in the Jersey business.



Gaby Jersey Farm – Bred Heifer Dispersal – In Pictures

bred-heifersGaby Jersey Farm will be dispersing their milking herd and bred heifers on THURSDAY, December 15 at the farm in Greeneville, Tenn., beginning at 10:00 a.m. (EDT). Almost ALL cattle selling are Official Calfhood Vaccinates, allowing them to travel to the far western states requiring this tattoo and vaccination.

Gaby Jersey Farm – Milking herd and bred heifer dispersal – CATALOG

UPDATES to the Gaby Jersey Farm Dispersal

Take a look through a photo gallery of the bred heifers, with a video of rear udders HERE:

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Gaby Jersey Farm – Milking Herd, In Pictures

2303 – an example of the udders on the milk cows at Gaby Jersey Farm

Gaby Jersey Farm will be dispersing their milking and bred heifer inventory on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) at the farm in Greeneville, Tenn. This is a herd known for their deep pedigrees, great production and genomic potential. Several females and males have been bred from this herd, making an impact on the breed. Almost ALL cattle have been tattooed as Official Calfhood Vaccinates.

Gaby Jersey Farm – Milking herd and bred heifer dispersal – CATALOG

More pictures will be added throughout the day, but some of the milking herd was caught on camera yesterday afternoon after vet check. Some cattle will have hobbles on in their pictures. Please note that this is a safety precaution at the Gaby Farm, due to their facilities. This, in NO WAY, means that the cattle sporting the extra apparel are unable to move freely.

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Bush River Complete Dispersal Wrap-Up

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The Bush River Jerseys Complete  Dispersal wrapped-up a two-day event with a total of 449 head moving through the sale ring. From an 11-year-old cow down to a week old baby, and all ages and stages of cattle in between, the average was $1,379.40.

Over 45 different buyers from 19 different states bought from the sale. (AZ, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, MD, MO, MS, NC, NY, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI)

The high selling lot of the dispersal sale was BRJ Excitation Bowtie Mint R-7, E-91%. She was third in the 2015 National Jersey Jug Futurity and has several other show ring accolades to her name. For $8000, Mark Erdman of Illinois was able to take this dry cow, due in a few weeks, home.


 BRJ Apollo Kathy is a 2-year-old who brought a purchase price of $4600 and was the second high selling lot of the sale. She will find her new home in Missouri, with Kyle Burk.


Third high seller was Crackerjack Shine Kyte Z-25, another 2-year-old. She was sold to Kevin Lutz, North Carolina, for $4300.


JMS thanks the Rick and Tammie Doran family for allowing us to disperse this great production and type herd. They, in turn thank all the supporters, bidders and buyers at the sale and wish you all the very best with your new purchases!