Southeast Invitational Sale

The Southeast Invitational Jersey Sale will take place for it’s second year at hosts Sunny Day and Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, S.C. Sale day will be on Monday, September 10, beginning at 11:00 a.m. (EDT). The sale will be available for live viewing and bidding at

A small selection of 17 head will be featured in a tie-up style sale, while over 120 head will be sold in loose housing format, housed in the pastures of our host farm. Browse the SE Jersey Sale Catalog for open and breeding aged heifers, bred heifers of varying trimesters and milk cows. So whether you are looking for recipients for an embryo or IVF program in your herd, or fast bulk tank influence, the breeders of the southeast region have consigned from the heart of their herds.

View the sale information page HERE and the pdf catalog for download, print and browse (SE Jersey Sale Catalog)

Join us in South Carolina, hopefully without a hurricane this year!

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