Central Kansas Jersey Breeders Sale – IN PICTURES

The Central Kansas Jersey Breeders have come together to bring you close to 150 head of milk cows and around 30 bred heifers. Picture galleries and/or videos from each consignor are featured below.

The sale will be held on FRIDAY, APRIL 13, beginning at 11:00 a.m. (CDT). The event is being hosted by the Merle Yoder family, Golden Plain Jerseys, Hutchinson, Kansas (GPS: 3307 S. Mohawk, Hutchinson, KS). The sale will also be broadcast on JerseyAuctionLive.com for live viewing and bidding.

Central Kansas Catalog

Central KS Fly Sheets



David Beachy: Video of Dry Cows & B. Heifers   |   Video of Cows

Cow pictures taken after morning milking

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Jerry Beachy

Cow pictures taken after morning milking

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Perry Beachy:

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Leach Family

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Tony Meier: Video of Heifers

Cows are milked on robots

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Whiteside Jersey Farm: Video of Cows

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Merle Yoder: Video of Cows

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Samuel Yoder: Video of Heifers

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Kentucky National Jersey Sale Wrap-up

The Kentucky National Show and Sale series celebrated its 56th year beginning yesterday with Holsteins and Jerseys, completing today with four colored breed sales. The Kentucky National Jersey Sale, on Thursday, April 5, averaged $1216 on 45 head of quality consignments from breeders from IA, IL, IN, KY, MO, NC, OH, TN, VA, VT. Jersey Marketing Service and the Kentucky Jersey Cattle Club thank the buyers from CO, FL, IN, IL, MO, KY, NC, NY, OH, TX, WI.

The top selling lot of the sale was Lot 11 – JX Laurola Radical Amy {6}-P-ET.  She was consigned by Bowman Dairy Inc., Julian, NC and purchased by Joshua Doecheff of CO for $4,200.

The second top seller was Lot 16 from the Greg Bourne Family in Ohio. TJ Classic Centurion Vivid sold to KCCK Genetics and Hadley Ehlers, IL, for $3050.

Again, a big thank you for the consignors who support this sale series each year, and to the bidders and buyers who appreciate the quality brought to the sale.

Kentucky National Jersey SHOW Pictures

The Kentucky National Jersey Show and Saleis TODAY in Louisville, Ky. The show began around 1:00 p.m. (EDT) with Judge Ronnie Rider officiating. The sale will begin at 3:00 p.m. and will be broadcast on JerseyAuctionLive.com.

Post with all consignment photos HERE

Group lots of bred heifers are selling in absentia and can be bid on at www.jerseybid.com. Check out their pictures and videos there also!

We will post class winners and champion pictures as fast as possible as the show progresses. Continue to check back for updates!

Lot 55 – 1st Junior Calf – Klein’s Colton’s Cindy

1st Place Intermediate Calf, Lot 3 – Klein’s Rums Riley

1st place Senior Calf – Lot 7 – DKG Ressurection Cameo

Summer Yearling winner – Lot 16 – TJ Classic Centurion Vivid

Lot 17 wins the Junior Yearling class – Gordon’s Andreas Virginia

Lot 20 – Klein’s RVMS Allie – wins the Intermediate Yearling Class

Lot 26 was the 1st place Senior Yearling- Gatton Irwin Legion

Junior Champion Selection

Junior Champion was Lot 7 – DKG Ressurection Cameo

Reserve Junior Champion was Lot 16 – TJ Classic Centurion Vivid

Uncalved 2-year-old class was won by Lot 48 – KCJF Target Alexis

Junior 2-year-old class – 1st Place is Lot 31 – JX Sunbow Combo Cilantro {4}, VG-84%

Senior 2-year-old class winner was Lot 41 – Piedmont Determinate Candice, VG-83%

Lot 50 – Blue Creek Kando Diamond – wins the 3-year-old class

Lot 52 – Scotch View Visionary Lucy was the winning 5-year-old

Senior and Grand Champion Lot 41 – Piedmont Determinate Candice

Reserve Senior and Grand Champion – Lot 40 (2nd Place Sr 2-year-old) Chapman’s Riley Bass Two

Central Kansas Jersey Sale

The Merle Yoder family in Hutchinson, Ks., will be hosting the Central Kansas Jersey Breeders Sale on FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018. The sale will begin at 11:00 a.m. (CDT) and will also be broadcast on JerseyAuctionLive.com.

Over 180 head of quality Jerseys, mostly milk cows, will sell from Kansas herds, including: David, Jerry and Perry Beachy, the Leach family, Tony Meier, Whiteside Jersey Farm, Merle Yoder and Samuel Yoder.

Central Kansas Catalog

Kentucky National Jersey Sale – GROUP LOTS

The Kentucky National Jersey Show and Sale is in its 56th year, and will be in Louisville, Kentucky, again this year. There is a change to the date and time!

Show and Sale day is THURSDAY, APRIL 5, with the show beginning at 1:00 p.m. and the sale at 3:00 p.m. (EDT).

Pictures of the consignments can be found here on Wednesday! KY National Catalog  |  Kentucky National Fly Sheets Lots 55 and 103A-104E

In addition to the anticipated 50+ head in the show and sale, we also have five lots of 5 or 6 bred heifers, due anywhere from April to July. Browse the information and pick the group or groups that best suit your herd’s needs at www.jerseybid.com. Bidding is open from this evening until 3 p.m. on Thursday. The lots must meet their minimum bids in order to move to the live sale for final bidding.

The entire Kentucky National Jersey Sale will also be broadcast LIVE on www.jerseyauctionlive.com.

Video of Heifers in Lots 100 – 101 – 102

Video of Heifers in Lots 103 – 104

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Buckeye Classic Jersey Sale concludes

The Buckeye Dairy Club and JMS worked together to bring 27 head through the sale ring today, as part of the long standing Buckeye Classic Sale series at Spring Dairy Expo. The average on the Jersey Sale was $1100.

Lot 18 was the high selling lot in the sale, bringing $1850 for Spahr Jersey Farm, Findlay, OH, her consignors. Diley Jerseys, Canal Winchester, OH, were the final bidders on the young cow.

Thank you to the consignors, bidders and buyers who supported the Buckeye Club and today’s sale.