JMS Sale Calendar – Spring 2017


The Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) spring 2017 sale calendar has been filling up! Take a look through the dates and sales to see if there is an event where we can help market your registered Jersey cattle. There are several opportunities for breeders of type, deep family lines, genomics, or production to showcase their cattle and pedigrees.

While the calendar has several dates reserved, many are still available. If you have an idea of how JMS’s sale staff and management can aid you in Jersey cattle sales and marketing, please let us know!

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Please let any of your JMS Staff or AJCA/NAJ Area Representatives know if you have consignments for any of these great sales, if you have marketing opportunities you would like our assistance with, or just general questions about registered Jersey cattle!



Holiday Spectacular Sale ONLINE


holiday-spectacularThe 2017 Holiday Spectacular Sale is now available for online bidding!
Starting today and ending on January 10 at 7:00 p.m. (EDT), Jersey cattle and embryos are available from around the USA and Canada.

22 lots are online…

  • LOT 1 – A “Chili” genomic tested 2-year-old AND LOT 2 – her Sunset Canyon Mirror bull calf, also genomic tested
  • LOT 3 – Arethusa Verbatim Response embryos from Sunset Canyon Chairman Anthem 3-ET, E-92%
  • LOTS 4-7 – CHROME / SHOWDOWN / RENO / AXIS embryos from TJF Fredrico Roxy, E-92%
  • LOT 8 – VALENTINO embryos from Verjatin Random Liz-ET EX 90 CAN
  • LOT 9 – JOEL or MAS embryos from Verjatin Frontrunner Lizinac-ET VG 86 CAN (2-year-old)
  • LOT 10 – MAS embryos from Verjatin Decoy Lisarianne-ET VG 85 CAN (2-year-old)
  • LOT 11 – A “Chili” genomic tested bull calf from an E-91% dam
  • LOT 12 – A group of open heifers
  • LOT 13 – A group of springing heifers
  • LOT 14 – A July 2016 “On Time” daughter
  • LOT 15 – A September 2016 “Primero” daughter
  • LOT 16 – A September 2016 “Primero” daughter
  • LOT 17 – A September 2015 “Applejack” daughter, bred to “Tequila”
  • LOT 18 – A June 2016 “Eusebio” son, from “Key Lime-P” and is genomic tested
  • LOT 19 – A “Chili” springer, genomic tested
  • LOT 20 – Group of 5 springing heifers
  • LOT 21 – A dry cow, due in mid-March
  • LOT 22 – A dry cow, due in late February

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elsie-blanket-2 Jersey / Dairy Memorabilia Sale

Consign to this online dairy / jersey memorabilia sale until end of the day November 30.
Consign to this online Jersey / Dairy Memorabilia sale until end of the day November 30.

Jersey Marketing Service is happy to accept consignments for the first Jersey / Dairy Memorabilia Sale online at The sale will be available for bidding from November 28 until December 2 at 1:30 p.m. EDT. (Extended Bidding on will follow)

Consignments will be accepted until the end of the day on November 30. Please provide a good picture of the item you wish to sell, including a detailed description, and any minimum bid price requested.

3 Items have already been listed: a Breezy Hill quart milk bottle, a Happy Valley – Georgia quart milk bottle, and a silk blanket used by ELSIE the cow. is an online sale program that can be used to highlight cattle from your herd or state, possibilities are ENDLESS! Call your JMS Staff today to book your sale ONLINE! is an online sale program that can be used to highlight cattle from your herd or state, possibilities are ENDLESS! Call your JMS Staff today to book your sale ONLINE!

JMS Sales on the 2016 Calendar

The next few weeks continue to be full of activity at Jersey Marketing Service. Be sure to mark these three sales on your calendars!

jersey-bid-bannerA Jersey / Dairy Memorabilia Sale will be hosted by JMS on

This sale is for those who are collectors, who are looking to collect, or for anyone looking for possible Christmas presents.

We will be accepting consignments until the end of the day, November 30. To consign, send a good picture of your item, a detailed description, and any base bid you would like to have on it (if any) to Erica Davis, JMS Internet Marketing Coordinator. The sale will begin on November 28 and bidding will close at 1:30 p.m. on December 2, with Extended Bidding on to follow.

bush-river-dispersalThe catalog will be online and in the mail soon for the Bush River Jerseys Complete Dispersal. The sale will be held in Newberry, S.C., at Bush River Jerseys on Thursday, December 8 (cows) and Friday, December 9 (beginning with a select group of cows and heifers followed by all remaining heifers). will be a part of this sale for LIVE broadcast and online bidding.

gaby-dispersalThe Gaby Jersey Farm Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Dispersal will be at their farm in Greenesville, Tenn., on Thursday, December 15. All of the milking herd and bred heifers will be offered on this sale. The open heifer inventory will be kept by the family. This catalog will also soon be available online. will be a part of this sale for LIVE broadcast and online bidding.


All American Jersey Sale - November 6, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. (EST)

All American Sale: Final Tally

aa-pog-bannerThe All American Sale is an event looked forward to by Jersey breeders and enthusiasts, all year. This year’s 64th event was a memorable addition to the All American Jersey week in Louisville, Ky., as part of the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE.)

WITH the bulls who were syndicated as part of the sale this year, MAID-RITE and BOAZ, 52 lots sold for an average of $7,836.06. This also includes two choice lots. Taking out the bull syndicates and including just the females and choices, 50 lots averaged $4969.50.

Lots 1, 2 and 3 were the females who topped the sale, in that order!

Lot 1 – Kash-In Eusebio 49738 {5}-ET was consigned to the sale by Rancho Teresita Dairy, the Kasbergen family, in Tulare, Calif. Sexing Technologies purchased this high genomic lot, who was sired by a previous All American syndicated bull. The selling price on this heifer was $26,000 with much lively bidding both online and in the crowd.


Following in the second high selling position was Lot 2 – Dutch Hollow Harris Molly {5}. The young heifer came from the Chittenden family, Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing, N.Y. For a $25,500 final bid, Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., was the successful buyer.


Rounding out the top three selling lots in the All American Sale this year was Lot 3 – Ahlem PFlex Showgirl M1989 {6}. Ahlem Farms Partnership in Hilmar, Calif., was the consignor and Jerseyland Sires of Hilmar, Calif., was the buyer. She will be returning to the golden state for a final bid of $22,200.


This All American Sale would not be possible without the breeders around the country consigning their very best. From type to genomics to production; cattle in an age range of cows to baby calves, the sale wouldn’t be possible without you all. To the bidders and buyers of tonight’s sale, Thank You too! We wish you all the best with your new purchases and investments and hope to see great things in the future!


LOT 10 - High Selling Pot O'Gold Heifer

Pot O’Gold Sale Concludes

pogtile16The Pot O’Gold Sale is part of a packed full, eventful junior day at the All American Jersey event in Louisville, Ky. Tonight’s sale featured 31 lots of genotyped heifers for junior Jersey breeders to add to their herds. Each lot purchased has a percentage of her selling price put towards the “Pot O’Gold” moneys awarded at the end of this group of heifers’ first lactation.

On 31 head, the sale averaged $4,103.23. Bidding was lively between the crowd in Newmarket Hall and the internet viewers at home.

Lot 10P – Ahlem Harris Havs 48332 {5}-ET was consigned to this youth sale by Ahlem Farms Partnership in Hilmar, Calif. Thaine, Bradin and Caylee Bjelland of Gillett, Wis., invested in this great heifer for $10,400.

LOT 10 - High Selling Pot O'Gold Heifer
LOT 10P – High Selling Pot O’Gold Heifer

Another California supporter, Sunwest Jersey Dairy, consigned the second high selling heifer, Lot 25P – Sunwest Nitro Kilowatt V1837. She travel back to the same area of the country, to Camille Herrera’s home in Hilmar. Camille purchased this Pot O’Gold heifer for $7,500.

Lot 25P - Second High Seller
Lot 25P – Second High Seller

A third California Jersey breeder, Jim Quist, consigned the third high selling heifer of the evening. Lot 1P – Jars of Clay Daybreak Bryna II-ET sold with a donated share of Jars of Clay Boaz-ET, a syndicated bull in this year’s All American Sale. For $7,000 Robert Graves of Dundas, Ill., invested in a well known cow family!

Lot 1P - 3rd Top Selling Pot O'Gold Lot
Lot 1P – 3rd Top Selling Pot O’Gold Lot

Collin Wussow of Cecil, Wis., was the winning bidder on D&E Harris Violet 16167 {5}-ET from D&E Jerseys in Dalhart, Texas. The final bid on this heifer was $6,700.

Lot 6P - 4th High Seller in the 59th Pot O'Gold Sale.
Lot 6P – 4th High Seller in the 59th Pot O’Gold Sale.

We would like to thank the buyers and the bidders, as well as the consignors to this 59th Pot O’Gold Sale. We would also like to thank our sponsor who helps make this evening’s event happen, Jersey Blend Cow’s Match Calf Growth Formula!

Thank you to Cow's Match for their generosity in supporting our Junior Jersey Breeders and the POG sale
Thank you to Cow’s Match for their generosity in supporting our Junior Jersey Breeders and the POG sale