All American Sale Line-Up

The 65th All American Sale will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2017, 4:30 p.m. (EST) in Louisville, Ky. The event is part of the three-day celebration of Jerseys at the All American Jersey Show, starting with the Junior show, banquet and Pot O’Gold Sales today.

The All American Sale showcases genetics for all herd types. From the show ring to the milk tank, from genomics to 4-H project and herd building calves, all experienced and aspiring Jersey breeders can bid on some of the best the breed has to offer.

AA SALE UPDATES  |  AA Catalog |   All American Fly Sheets

Check out a previous post about the Absentia and Choice lots selling in Sunday’s sale.

A gallery of pictures is below, of all the consignments in the sale. JMS Staff and members of the AJCA-NAJ team who are at the show can help with more pictures and any questions you may have on a specific consignment. LIVE Broadcast and bidding from the All American Sale will be available on

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All American Sale – Choices and Absentia

The 65th All American Jersey Sale is slated to take place on Sunday, November 5, at 4:30 p.m. (EST) in Louisville, Ky. This is one of the many notable Jersey events at the All American Jersey Show each year.

While about 50 consignments (cows to young open heifers) will parade on the All American Sale runway, three choice lots and two heifers will sell in absentia. Below are their features.

Lot C – Choice of Milksource Premier Mystery or First Choice Female out of Musquie Iatola Martha, E-96% by a Mutally Agreeable Sire.

Musqie Iatola Martha-ET, E-96%
Dam of Lot C – Choice


Lot 1 in the All American Sale

Lot 4 – A Choice of 5 JX Faria Brothers Ronaldinho {3} Daughters out of Heartland Sparky Elli, VG-85%


Lot 5 in the All American Sale

Lot 57 – Choice of 6 Goldust Karbala Ladd-ET Daughters out of Havs Lovabull Watchfull-P, E-93% (VIDEO)

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All American and Pot O’Gold Sales

Pot O’Gold Sale
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The 60th Pot O’Gold Sale will be held in Newmarket Hall, Kentucky Expo Center, in Louisville, Ky. This sale boasts of all genomic tested heifers, for ONLY Junior Jersey Breeders to purchase! Many good herds and great breeders started with investments from this production based sale, with great type and cow families represented as well. Browse / print / request a catalog HERE.

The sale will be held on Saturday, November 4, 4:30 p.m. (EDT) as part of the Junior Jersey Breeder activities and events at the All American Jersey Show.

2017 POG Catalog

All American Sale Catalog Information Page…Click on Banner

The 2017 All American Sale is the 65th anniversary for the prestigious event, held during the All American Jersey Show events and festivities in Louisville, Ky. The sale is Sunday, November 5, 4:30 p.m. (EST) and is in the West Hall of the Kentucky Expo Center. As tradition shows, cow families, great type, notable production, and everything every Jersey breeder could want is part of this sale!

The catalog can be downloaded, browsed through, printed or requested for mailing HERE.

2017 All American Catalog | Lot 62 Flysheet

Take a look as some of the cow families who have consignments in this sale!

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All American Bull Syndicates

The All American Jersey Sale will take place in Louisville, Ky., as is the yearly tradition, as part of the All American Jersey Show festivities. The sale will be on Sunday, November 5 at 4:30 p.m. (EST). Along with the great female and choice consignments cataloged (coming very soon), two bulls are being syndicated. If you are interested in one or both bulls, please contact your AJCA / NAJ Area Representative, Greg Lavan, JMS Manager (614-216-8838), or another member of the JMS staff.

AHLEM BANCROFT CHICAGO 23929 will be sampled by Revolution Genetics and is consigned by Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif. His dam was just appraised at Very Good-86%!  His pedigree is generation count and JX free and he is A2A2 tested. CHICAGO is available for $1200 per share, and one share includes 40 units of semen. No more than 50 shares will be sold. Limited half shares are available for $600 / 20 units.

CHICAGO Bull Syndicate

JX DUPAT FEVER {5}-P-ET will be sampled by Select Sires and is consigned by Wickstrom Jersey Farms, Hilmar, Calif. He is polled, with positive DPR and health traits, along with being A2A2 tested. FEVER is available for $1500 per share, and one share includes 50 units of semen. No more than 60 shares will be sold. Limited half shares are available for $750 / 20 units.

FEVER Bull Syndicate

All American Jersey Sale
November 5, 2017


Fall Sales are approaching

Cataloging for the Southeast Jersey Invitational (formerly Dixie Invitational) will begin on THURSDAY, August 10. Consignments, especially any for the tie-up portion, must be turned in promptly.
In this year’s sale, we will be having a tie-up portion featuring approximately 30 head of high quality show prospects and genomic animals. The other portion of the sale will be commercial cattle that will be housed as we have done in the past. Milk cows will be in one group and the heifers divided and housed by age and pregnancy status. Thank you to Her-Man Jerseys and Sunny Day Farm for hosting the sale.

As manager of the sale, JMS wishes to invite you to participate in this volume production sale. The deadline for consignments to the Mid-Atlantic Fall Jersey Classic sale is August 16. The New York and New England area sales were held in the spring only for the 2017 sale season. This early fall sale will create a place to market quality Jersey heifers from and within the eastern United States. Thank you to the Craig Rhein Family for hosting this sale.


Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) will once again manage an elite sale of the breed’s most marketable individuals at the Top of the World Jersey Sale in conjunction with World Dairy Expo. The sale date and time for this year is Wednesday, October 4 at 4:30 p.m. (CDT).
Cap off the Jersey event-filled week in Janesville with the 15th Dairyland Protein Sale, on Friday, October 6 at 11:00 a.m. (CDT). Please consider supporting this sale with good quality animals that you want to market.
The deadline for the Top of the World and Dairyland Protein Sale catalogs is August 22.

Please consider consigning to this well attended fall sale with quality, production Jerseys that you want to market. Cheese plants in Ohio are strongly encouraging their suppliers to increase components, thus creating greater demand for Jersey cattle. The deadline for the Ohio Fall Sale catalog is September 9.

Jersey Marketing Service would like to invite you to be a part of the most prestigious Jersey sale in the world!
Heifers must be born between July 1, 2016 and March 15, 2017. All heifers in the Pot O’Gold (POG) sale will be genotyped, and their dams must be scored at least VG-80%. AJCA will pay for three genomic samples to be nominated for the POG Sale. Samples need to be received at the lab before August 1st to meet the September genomic evaluation deadline and to be in the catalog.
We are looking for the best our breed has to offer. We want to select cattle from tremendous cow families that have consistently excelled in production and type. By striving for the very best from your breeding program we can continue to attract new and old Jersey enthusiasts from all over the world.
Help us make this annual event the best one ever by consigning one of your top Jerseys to the 2017 All-American & POG Sales! DEADLINE FOR THE ALL AMERICAN & POT O’ GOLD CATALOGS IS SEPTEMBER 16.

All American Sale: Final Tally

aa-pog-bannerThe All American Sale is an event looked forward to by Jersey breeders and enthusiasts, all year. This year’s 64th event was a memorable addition to the All American Jersey week in Louisville, Ky., as part of the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE.)

WITH the bulls who were syndicated as part of the sale this year, MAID-RITE and BOAZ, 52 lots sold for an average of $7,836.06. This also includes two choice lots. Taking out the bull syndicates and including just the females and choices, 50 lots averaged $4969.50.

Lots 1, 2 and 3 were the females who topped the sale, in that order!

Lot 1 – Kash-In Eusebio 49738 {5}-ET was consigned to the sale by Rancho Teresita Dairy, the Kasbergen family, in Tulare, Calif. Sexing Technologies purchased this high genomic lot, who was sired by a previous All American syndicated bull. The selling price on this heifer was $26,000 with much lively bidding both online and in the crowd.


Following in the second high selling position was Lot 2 – Dutch Hollow Harris Molly {5}. The young heifer came from the Chittenden family, Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing, N.Y. For a $25,500 final bid, Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., was the successful buyer.


Rounding out the top three selling lots in the All American Sale this year was Lot 3 – Ahlem PFlex Showgirl M1989 {6}. Ahlem Farms Partnership in Hilmar, Calif., was the consignor and Jerseyland Sires of Hilmar, Calif., was the buyer. She will be returning to the golden state for a final bid of $22,200.


This All American Sale would not be possible without the breeders around the country consigning their very best. From type to genomics to production; cattle in an age range of cows to baby calves, the sale wouldn’t be possible without you all. To the bidders and buyers of tonight’s sale, Thank You too! We wish you all the best with your new purchases and investments and hope to see great things in the future!