All American Sale: Final Tally

aa-pog-bannerThe All American Sale is an event looked forward to by Jersey breeders and enthusiasts, all year. This year’s 64th event was a memorable addition to the All American Jersey week in Louisville, Ky., as part of the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE.)

WITH the bulls who were syndicated as part of the sale this year, MAID-RITE and BOAZ, 52 lots sold for an average of $7,836.06. This also includes two choice lots. Taking out the bull syndicates and including just the females and choices, 50 lots averaged $4969.50.

Lots 1, 2 and 3 were the females who topped the sale, in that order!

Lot 1 – Kash-In Eusebio 49738 {5}-ET was consigned to the sale by Rancho Teresita Dairy, the Kasbergen family, in Tulare, Calif. Sexing Technologies purchased this high genomic lot, who was sired by a previous All American syndicated bull. The selling price on this heifer was $26,000 with much lively bidding both online and in the crowd.


Following in the second high selling position was Lot 2 – Dutch Hollow Harris Molly {5}. The young heifer came from the Chittenden family, Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing, N.Y. For a $25,500 final bid, Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., was the successful buyer.


Rounding out the top three selling lots in the All American Sale this year was Lot 3 – Ahlem PFlex Showgirl M1989 {6}. Ahlem Farms Partnership in Hilmar, Calif., was the consignor and Jerseyland Sires of Hilmar, Calif., was the buyer. She will be returning to the golden state for a final bid of $22,200.


This All American Sale would not be possible without the breeders around the country consigning their very best. From type to genomics to production; cattle in an age range of cows to baby calves, the sale wouldn’t be possible without you all. To the bidders and buyers of tonight’s sale, Thank You too! We wish you all the best with your new purchases and investments and hope to see great things in the future!


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