President’s Day Online Sale – BIDDING OPEN

The President’s Day Online Sale is open for bidding on, with close-outs starting at 7:30 p.m. (EST) on Monday evening, February 19.

There are genomic heifers, and heifers with show potential – cow families and those who are potential 16 or 17 generation Excellent!

Want milk soon? We have it! Bred heifers and fresh cows – A2A2 tested cows and Organic springers – groups and individuals – east and west coast!

EMBRYOS available also – from great cow families!

All lots have pictures and/or videos available on their lot page within Any videos can also be found as part of the JMS YouTube Channel – President’s Day Sale playlist.

Picture Gallery:

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Diamond Anniversary National Heifer Sale – TODAY

The 60th National Heifer Sale, benefiting National Jersey Youth, will take place today in Gettysburg, PA. All will sell by pre-recorded video in the ballroom and on

NHS Catalog


NHS Sale Order

While some heifers are at their home farm, waiting to travel to their new owners, over 40 head are featured in a tent at the hotel headquarters. ALL have videos on the JMS YouTube Channel, NHS playlist for you to study.

Ameri-Milk Jersey Heifers and Dry Cows – In Pictures

The Ameri-Milk Retirement Jersey (and some Holsteins) Dispersal will be on Saturday, June 10 at 11:00 a.m. at the farm owned by Don Mielke in Menasha, Wis.

Ameri-Milk Dispersal Catalog   |   Ameri-Milk Sale Flysheet – 243


Genomics were updated on Tuesday, and announcements will be made from the box on sale day. Some heifers came back with their first numbers and they are as follows:

  • 308 – GJPI 112, GJUI 14.1, DPR -0.4, PL 6.2
  • 310 – GJPI 121, GJUI 14.5, DPR -1.9, PL 4.1
  • 311 –  GJPI 154, GJUI 14.5, DPR -1.0, PL 6.3
  • 320 –  GJPI 159, GJUI 18.1, DPR 0.7, PL 7.2
  • 321 – GJPI 152, GJUI 17.8, DPR 1.0, PL 6.6

Take a look through the videos and pictures of the dry cows and heifers being offered from Don’s deep pedigreed herd:

Open and Short Bred Heifers

Bred Heifers and Dry Cows

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2 Breeding Aged Bulls will also be selling. See them walk in this VIDEO.

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Wisconsin State Sale – Online Bidding Open

This is a sale entirely on, running from May 8 to May 16.

The Wisconsin State Sale is online and open for bidding! Hosted by the program, 7 individual and 8 group lots are available for 24/7 bidding.

Bred and springing heifers / milking and dry cows / genomics / production / type – all represented in these consignments from around Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Sale Full Catalog

Bidding will remain open until 12:30 p.m. CDT / 1:30 p.m. EDT on May 16, 2017.
At that time sale close out will occur in Horse Race Style Extended Bidding on

Almost all lots have pictures or videos accompanying them, or will soon. Visuals can be seen as part of their lot listing. Videos can also seen as part of a “Playlist” on the JMS YouTube Channel!

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Norse Star Jersey Dispersal – HEIFERS

The Norse Star catalog is available online (click on banner). There is a large COW catalog and smaller HEIFER catalog, as well as a sire reference catalog, as pedigrees condensed for more efficient shipping of catalogs

Pictures and videos from the cattle selection at the Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal will be appearing on the blog throughout the rest of the week.

This is a great group of cattle to add deep pedigrees to your herd, with 100 years of Jersey history. Cows and springing heifers will sell on May 12, starting at 10:30 a.m. (CDT), at the free stall facility. The farm is located 1½ miles N of Westby on Hwy. 14, then right on Lovaas Ridge Rd 1¼ mile. The free stall barn is on the left side of the road. GPS Address: Day 1 – S1175 Lovaas Ridge Road, Westby WI 54667

Cow Pictures / Video Blog Post
Features candid side and udder shots, as well as video of the cows walking to the parlor this morning

Heifer Pictures: (More will be added daily, in their age groups) Today’s featured group is the 1st trimester heifers, those served / not confirmed, and breeding aged heifers.
Key their thigh numbers – the number is the MONTHS they are confirmed bred, X is “exposed” or served, and O is open.

Norse Star Heifers – VIDEO – 1st Trimester, Served, Open

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Breeding Aged Heifers: (roughly January – April 2016 birthdates)

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Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale

Click on Banner for Catalog
Click on Banner for Catalog
The Alan and Sharon Kozak family have too many Jerseys! They are selling close to 150 head of ALL genomic tested, mostly A2A2 designated cattle. Many are milking, a handful of dry cows, as well as a small amount of young, bred and springing heifers.

Sale day is FRIDAY, November 18 at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) and will also be broadcast on for LIVE online bidding!

Highlights from the Clover Patch Herd:

  • Fecal Tested Negative for Johnes for 10 years
  • ALL cattle are genomic tested
  • MANY are A2A2 designated
  • ALL animals are Official Calfhood Vaccinates

Herd Health Program at Clover Patch:

  • At Birth: Ecolizer +C, BoSe, Vitamins
  • Weaning: Inforce, Clostridium with booster 2 to 4 weeks later
  • Four to six months: Brucellosis, Bovi-Shield Modified live w/ Lepto hardjo boostered 4 to 6 weeks and prebreeding
  • Adults: Bovi-Shield, Scourguard 4KC, Salmonella
  • All cows dried off, and heifers precalving are given dry treat treatments and Orbaseal
  • Feet are trimmed on all heifers prior to calving. Adult cows as needed, at minimum annually
  • Safeguard used routinely to deworm cattle of all ages

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale available HERE

Click on picture for video of COW UDDERS (stay tuned for video of cattle walking to parlor)
Click on picture for video of COW UDDERS (stay tuned for video of cattle walking to parlor)
Video of all aged heifers – Click HERE:

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale - OPEN HEIFERS
Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale – OPEN HEIFERS

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale - BRED HEIFERS
Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale – BRED HEIFERS

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale - SPRINGING HEIFERS
Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale – SPRINGING HEIFERS