Ameri-Milk Jersey Heifers and Dry Cows – In Pictures

The Ameri-Milk Retirement Jersey (and some Holsteins) Dispersal will be on Saturday, June 10 at 11:00 a.m. at the farm owned by Don Mielke in Menasha, Wis.

Ameri-Milk Dispersal Catalog   |   Ameri-Milk Sale Flysheet – 243


Genomics were updated on Tuesday, and announcements will be made from the box on sale day. Some heifers came back with their first numbers and they are as follows:

  • 308 – GJPI 112, GJUI 14.1, DPR -0.4, PL 6.2
  • 310 – GJPI 121, GJUI 14.5, DPR -1.9, PL 4.1
  • 311 –  GJPI 154, GJUI 14.5, DPR -1.0, PL 6.3
  • 320 –  GJPI 159, GJUI 18.1, DPR 0.7, PL 7.2
  • 321 – GJPI 152, GJUI 17.8, DPR 1.0, PL 6.6

Take a look through the videos and pictures of the dry cows and heifers being offered from Don’s deep pedigreed herd:

Open and Short Bred Heifers

Bred Heifers and Dry Cows

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2 Breeding Aged Bulls will also be selling. See them walk in this VIDEO.

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Ameri-Milk Retirement Dispersal

Mr. Don Mielke will be dispersing his herd of deep pedigreed Jerseys, along with a few Holsteins. The catalog is now ONLINE for the Ameri-Milk Jerseys Complete Retirement Dispersal.

Watch / “Follow” the JMS Blog and the JMS Facebook Page for more information / updates / pictures and videos from the farm starting the week of the sale.

Ameri-Milk Catalog

Norse Star Jersey Dispersal – CALVES

The Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal had a very long, very successful day one, selling all cows and close to calving heifers. Day two will start TODAY at 10:30 a.m. (CDT) at the dairy. 3rd Trimester bred heifers will start the day, moving down in age to breeding aged heifers. The sale will then move location to the home farm, Mike & Merna Fremstad’s house, to complete the remaining open heifers and baby calves.

There are group lots planned. HEIFER GROUP LOTS

Babies are planned on selling IN their hutches, and the internet isn’t THAT mobile, so here are the pictures of the babies! Sincere apologies on some blurry photos, and some not great angled photos – it’s a sport of its own to take baby pictures by yourself! 🙂

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Norse Star – Pictures

The Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal will begin in about an hour – starting with MILK and DRY COWS at today’s sale. 3rd Trimester Heifers down to baby calves, as well as 2 bulls will sell in Tomorrow’s event.

Both days of sales will be broadcast LIVE on

Take a look at previous blog posts for more pictures and information, but below are heifers and cows. More pictures will be posted after the sale.

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Norse Star Sale Listing

The Norse Star cattle are now listed for folks to review and follow. This is as updated as we know at this time, but all announcements from the sale box will take precedence over printed materials.

Norse Star Sale List – pdf | Norse Star Sale List – Excel

“Feature” cows will begin selling around noon (CDT).

Also – a few pen lots of cows will sell. Those can be found below…

Cow Group Orange EE

Cow Group Red AA

Cow Group Red FF

Cow Group White DD

Cow Group White II & Orange JJ

Cow Group Blue BB

Cow Group Blue GG

Cow Group Green CC

Cow Group Green HH

Norse Star Jerseys – Close to Calving

The Norse Star catalog is available online (click on banner). There is a large COW catalog and smaller HEIFER catalog, as well as a sire reference catalog, as pedigrees condensed for more efficient shipping of catalogs

Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal

Friday/Saturday, May 12-13, 2017 | 10:30 A.M. (CDT) | At the farm, Westby, Wisconsin

Owned by Mike and Merna Fremstad, Jason, Jory and Jeana Fremstad and families

Norse Star Catalog COWS 1 | Norse Star Catalog COWS 2 | Norse Star Catalog HEIFERS | Norse Star Reference Sire Book | Norse Star Fly Sheets

Photos from the close up calving heifers, dry cows, just fresh cows, etc.: VIDEO

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