Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale – In Pictures

Click on Banner for Catalog
Click on Banner for Catalog

The Alan and Sharon Kozak family have too many Jerseys! They are selling close to 150 head of ALL genomic tested, mostly A2A2 designated cattle. Many are milking, a handful of dry cows, as well as a small amount of young, bred and springing heifers.

Sale day is FRIDAY, November 18 at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) and will also be broadcast on for LIVE online bidding!

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale available HERE

For videos and a previous post about this sale…click HERE

See some of the sale cattle, in pictures:

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Highlights from the Clover Patch Herd:

  • Fecal Tested Negative for Johnes for 10 years
  • ALL cattle are genomic tested
  • MANY are A2A2 designated
  • ALL animals are Official Calfhood Vaccinates

Herd Health Program at Clover Patch:

  • At Birth: Ecolizer +C, BoSe, Vitamins
  • Weaning: Inforce, Clostridium with booster 2 to 4 weeks later
  • Four to six months: Brucellosis, Bovi-Shield Modified live w/ Lepto hardjo boostered 4 to 6 weeks and prebreeding
  • Adults: Bovi-Shield, Scourguard 4KC, Salmonella
  • All cows dried off, and heifers precalving are given dry treat treatments and Orbaseal
  • Feet are trimmed on all heifers prior to calving. Adult cows as needed, at minimum annually
  • Safeguard used routinely to deworm cattle of all ages

Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale available HERE

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