The 57th National Heifer Sale will be held on FRIDAY evening, JUNE 27, 2014 AT 7:00 P.M. The Holiday Inn & Suites in Alexandria, Va., will be the venue for the all video heifer sale. All heifers will sell by video and are housed at their home farm until trucking arrangements can be made. All heifers selling will have been tested negative for TB, BVD-PI, Anaplasmosis and Leukosis.

If you are unable to attend the sale, log in and bid LIVE with Jersey Auction Live!

With this service you can watch the sale and bid...LIVE...from any location in the country!
With this service you can watch the sale and bid…LIVE…from any location in the country!

The NHS catalog can be viewed online, with the June genomic information updated in the catalog.

DONATIONS JUST ADDED!!! Faria Brothers, Texas have donated a choice of two great heifers with 10% of the proceeds to benefit the Jersey Youth Funds and all other proceeds to be put towards Reese Burdette and Patricia Stiles as their recovery from a house fire is still in progress.

Faria Fly Pages | See the video of the heifers!

ALSO! The Bachelor Family, Indiana, have generously donated 3 #1 embryos by Forest Glen Avery Action, 7JE590 and out of Bachelors Sambo Emmy 661, E-94%. They would like to have all the proceeds of the sale of the embryos to also go to help Reese and Patricia in their recovery effort!

Bachelors Sambo Emmy 661_Front_2012Bachelors Sambo Emmy 661, E-94%
National Jersey Jug Futurity Winner, 2002; Overall Premier Performance Cow, 2001 and 2002 All American Jersey Show

JMS would like thank the generous hearts of the consignors of these two lots, and we all wish Reese and Patricia a steady recovery process! Any member of the JMS and NHS sale staff can be contacted if you are interested in donating or buying these two lots.

All consignments to the National Heifer Sale can be viewed on videos in the JMS Vimeo NHS Album. Browse at your convenience and check back for more pictures and updates as the week progresses!

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