Holiday Spectacular Sale – NOW ONLINE!

Holiday SpectacularThe Holiday Spectacular Sale is online and open for bidding!

We are adding consignments as they come in, so continue to check the listings at to see what lot will tickle your fancy! The sale will close on January 7, 2014 with Horse Race Style Closing bidding style. Please register for a bidder number at If you have already registered with the “new” system, you do not need to re-register. If you are a new bidder or were registered under the “old” Jersey Bid, please sign-up!

JMS will accept consignments until January 1, 2014 – so if you have not decided which “Spectacular” consignment you would like to add to the sale, let us know as soon as you can! The details of the sale are:

  • 7% commission on any item that sells with a minimum bid and 6% commission on lots without a minimum bid.
  • NO listing fee (The 3% commission on minimum bid amounts is what we have been calling the Listing Fee. In this sale, it will not apply.)
  • Reasonable listing fees are always allowed, but of course we can always have the lot listed as an “absolute” sale. This would mean that no minimum bid is listed and the lot sells for whatever the buyers / bidders choose.
  • The Seller is responsible for ONLY for the Health test requirements listed for the state that the animal sells to. That will be coordinated with the buyer and seller after the sale.
  • Trucking / shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • We are wanting ELITE lots for this sale –
    • Great type
    • Great genomics
    • Pedigrees backed by great cow families
    • Embryos with these same requirements are accepted.
    • No Semen or Bulls unless pre-approved by JMS.
    • Group/Pen lots will be accepted – with priority being high quality. Groups of 5 are probably the way we want to steer, but contact me with any other offers and we’ll talk it through.
  • Pictures / Videos will be needed / encouraged for every lot. We can pull up whatever professional pics we have on file, but a video of the animal selling, or her dam, always helps.

Any member of our JMS or AJCA/NAJ field staff can be contacted if you have questions about consigning to the auction, bidding on lots, or inquires about more information on a specific lot.

Area Reps

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