Ohio Fall Production Sale Final Tally

The Ohio Fall Production Sale was held today in Wooster, Ohio, at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. A great crowd enjoyed fellowship and viewing the 187 head of Jerseys who went through the sale ring. The average on today’s sale was $1,466.58 on everything from milk cows, bred and open heifers and a baby calf.

Jerseys were consigned to the sale from Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee.

Gaby Jersey Farm, Tenn., had the three top-selling lots, with Lot 22 at $2500, Lot 28 at $2500 and Lot 30 at $2600. All sold to Sand Creek Dairy, LLC of Hastings, Mich.

Ohio State University was the consignor of the next two high lots, Lot 125 at $2400 and Lot $126 at 2350. They also sold to Sand Creek Dairy, LLC.

Buyers from the sale were from California, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Texas. Volume buyers were Mibelloon Dairy, LLC, Mich., with 50 head and Nico DeBoer, Tx., with 56 head.

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