Gaby Jersey Farm – A legacy complete

gaby-familyThe Warren, John and Henry Gaby families dispersed the milk cows and bred heifers of Gaby Jerseys at the farm in Greenville, Tenn., today. A chilly, sunny day was the setting, with a tent full of family and Jersey friends supporting these long time breeders of influential Jersey cattle. A large number of bidders and viewers participated in the sale through the internet as well.

A total of 172 head sold in the Gaby Jersey Farm Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Dispersal, for an average $2,015.12. Taking into account only Gaby owned cattle, the average was $2093.58. Twenty-five different buyers from 14 different states and Canada bought genetics from the herd today.

Ambian Dairy LLC, Arizona, was the volume buyer with 77 head.

high-sellerLot 2210 sold to Chaney Waldon of Lyerly, Georgia as the high selling lot of the day. Gabys Champ Alyssa-ET, VG-85% sold for $4300 and sells serviced to Glynn Headline News-ET, 7JE1184 after freshening in July. She is a genomic tested “Champ” daughter from Gabys Artist Ambrosia, E-94%.

The entire Gaby family would like to thank the bidders and buyers of the cattle today, for having confidence in the genetics the family has bred throughout the years. JMS would like to thank the Gaby family for allowing us to help with the event culminating your many years in the Jersey business.


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