Sale Catalogs Online!


The National Heifer Sale sale catalog is now online, highlighting the 39 genomic tested National Heifer Sale consignments and Cow Pie Bingo heifer! The online version of the catalog does feature all updated June genomic numbers.

All heifers will be sold via video and will continue to be housed at their home farms until trucked to their buyer’s location after the sale. The National Heifer sale will be held on June 27, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the AJCA/ NAJ Annual meetings in Alexandria, Va. You can also bid LIVE through the JMS internet broadcast and bidding program,

With this service you can watch the sale and bid...LIVE...from any location in the country!
With this service you can watch the sale and bid…LIVE…from any location in the country!

Also online is the Page-Crest Dispersal information. The sale catalog is still working on being completed, but in the meantime, the fliers featuring a number of the cattle selling are available to be viewed online.

PageCrest Sale

Derek and his family are donating a September calf to the Stiles/Burdette fund to help defray medical costs as Patricia Stiles and her granddaughter, Reese Burdette recover from burns sustained in a house fire two weeks ago. Page-Crest Imp Resses Kiss is from Rock Ella Impression-ET and out of Renn Kandie of Ratliff, E-95% with over 30,000 lbs milk and over 1200 lbs fat. The Grandam is the formidable Avonlea D Jude Karmel, E-94%.

If you would like to participate in this donation heifer contact Derek Page (417-466-5611) or JMS Marketing Coordinator, Chris Lundgren (614-313-5818). More information on this Donation Lot from the Page family can be found on the Page-Crest Catalog Page.

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