National Heifer Sale Concludes in Texas Fashion


The 56th National Heifer Sale was held in Amarillo, TX as the conclusion of the AJCA National Convention activities, hosted by the High Plains Jersey Group. A fun – very warm time was had during the week, but the sale was held in the comfortable Air Conditioned Civic Center! A first time for JMS and Jersey Auction Live – the sale was held by video on the Live bidding program.

And in the grand fashion of our host state, the sale was bigger and better this year with the sale average on 50 lots at $6362 – the highest in the sale history!

Top Selling heifer was Lot 29 – a super, high genomic, polled heifer from Norm Martin and Family, Tillamook, OR sold for $26,000 to Matt Steiner, OH (online bidder).


Second High was from Dutch Hollow Farms, NY. Lot 25 was sold for $24,000 to Sexing Technologies, WI


Check a future Jersey Journal for the full wrap up of the convention and the National Heifer Sale!

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