The 63rd National Heifer Sale Pre-Sale Highlights Continue

An outstanding opportunity from Trans Ova as they consign the only Steve daughter in the sale! And not just any Steve! This one is highlighted by her great JUI over 10.0! Combined with very high component percents (0.33%F and 0.13%P), this heifer sets the bar high with her tremendous 590CM$! She comes by those percent levels quite honestly being a Steve x Hjort x Altablitz x Premium, a lineup that spells components! Throw in 4 generations that rank over 94%ile (99%, 99%, 98%, 94%) and this girl presents a great springboard to future genetic performance!


From AFP’s Letty family, this August Miami daughter will bring the beach party to your herd! A Miami x Lancer x Hostage, Lot 12 combines some of the highest fertility trait numbers (1.3DPR, 2.9CCR, 2.7HCR), with positive survivability (4.7PL, 1.2LIV) and amongst the best type and JUI numbers in the sale! Cow families that transmit and perform to their numbers are more important than ever and this heifer checks those boxes! And she’s IVF ready, then can be bred to your choice of bulls! Enjoy the sunshine this Miami daughter will bring!


For the polled genetics enthusiasts, Gary Moore consigns this polled 12-month-old Chrome daughter straight from the family that gave us Listowel-P! This heifer has the highest GPTAM in the sale at over 1500# from an 85% Radical dam that produced over 19000M at 1-09 and a grandam that made almost 23,000M and 1050F on her 1-10 lactation! High producing polled genetics will continue to be in demand and here’s your chance to get in on the action with one of the pre-eminent polled families!

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