More Pre-Sale Highlights for the 63rd National Heifer Sale

Combining Chief with a high producing Viceroy dam, the result is this 115gJPI March ’20 calf from Vierra Dairy. This calf come in over 1,000M and over 400CM$ with a 4.1PL. Her dam made over 22,600M, almost 1150F and over 800P, resulting in a YD of right at 3400M, 174F and 104P on her 2-02 lactation while scoring VG-82. For someone looking to be able to make productive animals for the future, this heifer can be just what you need!

A March 2020 Decade calf from an Excellent Chrome, this heifer is amongst the highest for PTAT and JUI in the sale! The dam has a YD of right at 2200M and transmits her positive DPR to this calf! Tested A2A2, this calf provides opportunity to have fun with down the road!


The #3 Chief and #24 female overall comes from Albright Jerseys LLC in Ohio! The top heifer in the sale for JPI and CFP (111CFP-top 100 in the breed), this heifer is out of a Got Maid dam followed by a VG Daybreak. The dam has almost 6,000# of milk in her first 100 DIM and is testing 4.7%F and 3.9%P. Add in that this calf is tested A2A2, well over 500CM$ with solid all-around numbers, and you have the makings of a heifer that will make dreams come true!

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