Norse Star Jerseys – Complete Catalog ONLINE

The Fremstad family will be offering their entire Jersey herd for sale on May 12-13, 2017 at the farm in Westby, Wisconsin. While a great loss for the Jersey breed, this is a great opportunity for all Jersey breeders and enthusiasts to invest in over 100 years of breeding for production and type!

The cattle will be offered in a two-day event, with cows and springing heifers on day 1, May 12. Norse Star Catalog COWS 1 | Norse Star Catalog COWS 2. The bred and open heifers will be sold on day 2, May 13. Norse Star Catalog HEIFERS. Breeding bulls will also be offered for sale on day 2.

Because there is so much information and depth to the pedigrees, the catalog was laid out a little differently, with the sires of the herd in a reference manual – Norse Star Reference Sire Book

Read the invitation penned by the Fremstad family, study the depth of pedigrees and production potential that is being offered, and make plans to attend the sale in Westby, Wis., or LIVE on to take some of the deep genetic influence into your herd.

More information can be found on the catalog site for the Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal, printed catalogs are available upon request only, and pictures and videos will be posted on this blog during the week leading up to the sale.

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