All American and Pot O’Gold Consignments

AA POG Banner

While you are browsing throughout the Mid-Atlantic Fall Jersey Classic Sale catalog online, and watching for the upcoming Top of the World, Dairyland Protein and Sorenson Milking Herd Reduction Sale catalogs, be sure that you have looked through your Jersey genetics and submitted your consignment to the All American and / or Pot O’Gold Sales.

All Pot O’Gold consignments must be genomic tested. This is a sale geared toward Jersey youth and is a production based contest. Commission for this sale is 25%, with 17% of the gross sale set aside for in the Pot O’Gold fund to be awarded in 2018. Upon completion of her first lactation, these heifers will be ranked by determining adjusted records for age and month of calving, then applying the USDA component values for Net Merit dollars.

The All American sale features the best the breed has to offer through type, show, genomics, and deep family influence. Many of the best have sold through the history of this prestigious sale. Commission on this event is 20%, helping to fund the All American Show, the biggest Jersey event of the year.

Contact your AJCA / NAJ Area Representative or JMS Staff member to submit your nomination to the All American or Pot O’Gold Sale by September 11.

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