Buckeye Classic Spring Jersey Sale, Featuring the Best of Goff Dairy

Buckeye Goff Sale

The catalog for the Buckeye Classic Spring Jersey Sale, Featuring the Best of Goff Dairy is online!
View and download the catalog to check out the great consignments from the “Buckeye State” and Buster Goff, as well as a number of other supporting consignors. There are many animals selling with A.I. interest and many great families represented. It is going to be a GREAT kick off to the spring sale schedule.

The sale will be held in conjunction with Spring Dairy Expo, Columbus, OH on March 28, at 5:00 p.m. (EST) and in cooperation with the Buckeye Dairy Club from The Ohio State University.

Thank you to the Buckeye Dairy Club and Buster Goff for working with us and putting together a strong lineup of some of the best genetics the breed has to offer.

Watch for more information about the sale on the blog, and view the ads highlighting the notable consignments, as published in the Jersey Journal.

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