Clover Patch Cornucopia Classic Sale Catalog Available

Kozak BannerThe Clover Patch Cornucopia Classic Sale catalog is now available online! This 200 head sale will be on FRIDAY, November 22, 2013, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (EST). Clover Patch Farm, the Kozak family, will be hosting this fall event at their farm in Millersburg, OH.

In the heart of Amish Country, make plans for the weekend to see great cows, great scenery, meet some great people. You can cross everyone off your Christmas list when you buy them some cows and some great crafted items from this area of Ohio!

A few weeks ago different ages of the Clover Patch herd was filmed to give you an idea of the quality the cattle to sell in a few weeks. View these videos…
* Lot 1
* Lot 5
* Lot 6
* Early 2013 Aged Heifers
* Shortbreds
* Bred Heifers
* Bred Heifers 2
* Cows

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