Western National Updates

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Lot 25 Lot 25 Udder
Lot 25 – Hawarden Premier Madison
Fresh 6/7/2013 and giving 57.5#M on August Test
Bred 8/24/13 to 1JE711 Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold
GJPI 108 and Not yet Scored…but Looking Good!

Lot 20
Lot 20 LKI Willards Jane
Born 6/2/2012 | Bred 6/30/13 to Sexed “Allstar” 1JE654
Lot 19
Lot 19 Hidden Acres Reagan Gold
Born 6/3/12 | Selling Open
Lot 9
Lot 9 Mistvale Valentino Rayna-ET
Born 12/23/12 | GJPI 139
Lots 1 2
Lot 1 (Right) Triple Peaks H Gun Bandita, Born 6/20/13
Lot 2 (Left) Schmidlkofer Mollys MaryJane, Born 4/2/13 | GJPI 151

Videos and pictures of more lots will follow throughout the day!
Stay tuned in to the JMS Blog and your email for more updates and information.

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