Updates from Western National Jersey Sale

Western National Banner

All animals except one have calfhood vaccination shields. Lot 1 is a June 2013 baby and can be done. Two lots have breeding updates and some GJPI numbers were updated after the September results were released.

The Sale Order will be available tomorrow.

Take a look at the updates and look through the video and picture selections as they are updated. Feel free to contact any member of the sale staff with questions!

1 TOO YOUNG  Dam is scored VG-85%
2 RV3 GJPI 151
3 RV3
4 RV3
5 RV3 GJPI 186, AI Interest from Semex, Accelerated
6 RV3
7 RV3 GJPI 180, AI Interest from Select, Accelerated, Semex, Genex
8 RV3
9 TRV3
10 RV3
11 RV3 AI Interest from Select, Semex, Accelerated
12 RV3 AI Interest from Select, Semex, Accelerated, Genex, Alta, TAG
13 RV3
14 RV2
15 RV3
16 RV2 AI Interest also expressed from Semex, Accelerated
17 RV3 Bred 8/20/13 to Hawarden Impuls Premier, 529JE3756
18 RV3 AI Interest from Semex, Accelerated
19 RV3
20 RV2
21 RV2 GJPI 135
22 RV2 AI Interest also expressed from Semex, Accelerated
23 RV2
24 RV2
25 RV2 GJPI  108 | Bred 8/24/13 to Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold, 1JE711

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