Dixie Invitational Sale Wrap-up

Dixie Banner

The Dixie Invitational Sale was once again hosted on a hot and steamy South Carolina Day! The Bush River Jersey family, Newberry, SC was the gracious host for this southern production sale that annually kicks off the fall JMS sale season.

 A total of 202 lots sold in today’s sale to 26 different buyers, including five lots who started their bidding on the Jersey Bid program. The average was $1,161.41. The sale was also broadcast LIVE on Jersey Auction Live and 11 lots were sold to five different internet bidders.

The high selling lot was 207J – from Lylestanley Trace LLC and Gaby Jersey Partnership. The January 2013 heifer with a GJPI of 180 sold with AI interest. Heartland Jerseys, Seneca, KS purchased Lylestanley Chronicl Tender 1514-ET for $4700.

Second top seller was Lot 206J from the Choice of 204J, 205J and 206J. Piedmont Valentino Deb-P is from the Corey Lutz, NC herd and is a December 2012 heifer that ranks 36th in the nation for GJPI among polled females with GJPI 172. She sold to Multi Rose Jerseys, IA for $3,750.

Shot of Nat LLC, SC. purchased the next two top sellers, 200J ($3,050) and 204J ($2,800). 200J was from the Choice of 200 and 201, a “Premier” daughter with a GJPI of 170. She was consigned by Kevin Lutz, NC. The 204 Lot was a second choice from 204, 205, and 206 offered at the spur of the moment by consignor Corey Lutz, NC. The “Premier” daughter was born August 2012 and has a GJPI of 167.

The next sale of the year is the Western National Sale – September 6 at 7:00 p.m. (PDT) in Puyallup, WA. This sale will also be broadcast LIVE on Jersey Auction Live. Check out the JMS Calendar for a sale near you as the JMS sale season heats up!

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