Putt Dairy Jersey Dispersal

Putt Dispersal Banner

The Dean Putt family will be dispersing their Jersey herd on Saturday, June 15 at 10:30 a.m. at the farm in Sugarcreek, OH.

Catalog available | FlySheet_3222 | FlySheet_3223

Milk Cow Video | Dry Cow Video

 Bred Heifer Video | Heifer Video | Young Heifer Video

Guest Consignment Video

This is a well-uddered, production-bred herd mated by AAA from 2007 to 2010. The herd has switched to SMS with COBA and is now mated by them. The Jerseys have a RHA of 21,102M – 1,018F – 763P on 69 cows; averaging 65 1bs milk daily on 3x milking with a SCC of 95,000 and calving interval of 12.4 months. The herd is BST Free. Most of the cattle are NOT calfhood vaccinated.

Herd vaccinations: BIRTH – Selenium and First Defense; 10-DAYS – Ultrachoice 7; AFTER WEANING – Bovishield Gold FP 5L5, Once SQ (pasteurella); 10 to 11 MONTHS – Bovishield FP 5L5; AFTER CONFIRMED PREGNANT – Virashield 6 plus L5 HD, Ultrachoice 7; COWS – (30 Postpartum) Bovashield Gold FP 5L5; (Verified Pregnant) Virashield 6-L5 HD; (2 Weeks before Dry) J5; (Upon turning dry) Ultrachoice 7, Endovac Dairy (EColi, salmonella)

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