Jersey Classifieds Listings

Check out the Jersey Classifieds listings to see what is selling that you are buying! We have cattle of all ages, and even some embryos.

Jersey Classifieds

Listing 7047 on Jersey Classifieds


This is a sample of the herd available with an average score of 84% on an average of mostly 2nd lactation Jerseys!

Listing 7057 is a group of 250 cows that you can pick about 200 from. Check out the videos of the great production cows at…

DSC_0198 and and and!

Embryo listing 7063 INTEGRITY BRAZO DANNI

Embryos from “Danni,” E-91% x Trinitys Iatola Pappy

Nice young heifers (April – October 2012) Listings 7064 and 7065

2013-02-19 11.08.16

Find out more about what they look like at and !


  • We have two bull listings, one from the North West (7022) and one from the South East (7016). Anyone in the US can fill a replacement bull’s needs on their farm.
  • Springers – A brand new listing (7069) of 6 soon to start calving heifers from the East.
  • A few herds from the North West area have a steady supply of springers (7041) / or all ages (7040).
  • We have a need for cattle with Official Calfhood Vaccination shields (OCV). A nice group of registered cross-bred cattle with OCV’s would be desired in the North West (7067).
  • Larger groups of Milk Cows can be found in the South (7057) and South East (7061) (7062) – upon freshening / and Central US (7068)
  • Several herd units have been listed – such as (7043) (7047) (7048) (7058)
  • Pick of the herd can be yours to look at – Milking  (7048) / Heifers (7012)
  • Heifers of all ages and trimesters can be located from around the US – (7045) (7050) (7059) (7060) (7064) (7065)
  • Young calves specifically can be looked at in listing (7055)
  • Embryos (7049) (7063)

Check the listings for more information, prices, contacts.

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