Holiday Spectacular Lot 108

LOT 108: 5 #1 Direct Thaw Embryos from SHF Renaissance Faline-ET x Forest Glen Avery Action -ET, 7JE590

Dam, “Faline, E-95%” 305 ME AVG 6L 20,775M 886F 710P
Sisters to Dam – VG and EX scores…”Fantastic, E-95%” has over 31,000M at 6-9 / “Felicity, EX-90%” has 26,440M and 1044F at 5-8
Grandam, VG-88% 305 ME AVG 6L 19,736M 929F 663P

Minimum bid:  $300.00 / embryo

Consignor: Billings Farm & Museum, Woodstock, VT

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