Consign to the 64th National Heifer Sale

Join us in the rolling plains and cornfields of Iowa this June for the 64th National Heifer Sale. For three consecutive years, new records for high sellers have been established in this long-standing sale. Will it be your consignment achieving that status this year at one of the summer’s most thrilling and elite sale? The National Heifer Sale is held in conjunction with the Annual Meetings June 23-26 in Bettendorf, Iowa.

The sale will be entirely composed of virtual lots, and broadcast live on Jersey Marketing Service extends to you this special invitation to nominate one of your best genomic heifers. Once again, AJCA will cover the costs of up to three nominations’ genomic tests. Check out the full consignment letter below for specifics.  You can contact JMS Manager Greg Lavan 614/216-8838, Sale Chair Blake Schulte 319/560-3146, Sale Chair Eric Lyon 641/485-1705, Sale Chair Kevin Knapp 507/227-1507 or Area Representative Danielle Brown 614/266-2419.

Make sure you have important information such as registration numbers,  breeding dates, service sire, production records (dam and grandam) and show winnings of your consignment(s). Also include the best phone number and email address. Deadline for submission is May 10!

Click the following link for more information on consigning to the National Heifer Sale.

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