Lazer-PP Sells in the Polled Power Sale by Competitive Bidding

Be a part of the #1 PP bull for JPI, CFP and CM$ at +118 JPI, +108 CFP and +521CM$ and he’s tested A2A2, JX Hawarden Herm Lazer 24950 {5}-PP. Semex is partnering with breeders for the chance to buy into a syndicate for one of the breed’s hottest homozygous polled bull!
He is being sold by Ahlem Farms Partnership, CA and bred by Hawarden Jerseys Inc., ID . The price will be $1200 for a full (40 units) and $700 for a half (20 units) share. The syndicate is NOT guaranteed to get this bull, as he will sell by competitive bidding during the Polled Power Sale August 18-21. If interested in a share please contact your area representative, Greg Lavan or Hannah Meller.

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