63rd National Heifer Sale Pre-Sale Highlights

This is one to get excited about! Four J consigns an early Altamontra daughter from last year’s 4th high seller! Over 500CM$, strong, positive fertility (2.0CCR and 3.5HCR) and survivability (5.4PL and 1.2LIV) traits, this heifer brings a different maternal side, Change Up x Gameday x Bruno x Fantom, with solid milk records to the table! Coming in well above parent average, this heifer will be one to keep an eye on in the future!

A March 2020 Decade calf from an Excellent Chrome, this heifer is amongst the highest for PTAT and JUI in the sale! The dam has a YD of right at 2200M and transmits her positive DPR to this calf! Tested A2A2, this calf provides opportunity to have fun with down the road!

From D&D Jerseys in Wisconsin, a December ’19 Dashiell x World Cup that is the highest DPR heifer in the sale at 3.0!  Add to that a 4.6CCR, 4.4HCR, survivability traits galore (6.2PL 2.8LIV) and a very desirable SCS of 2.78, this heifer is ready soon to start making the next generation! From a solid cow family with multiple generations of 20,000# dams and a CM$ of right at 500CM$, the sky’s the limit with Harp!


Jerseyland Sires offers a May 2019 Miami daughter, already served to sexed Kiawa and hopefully due in March ’21. This heifer ranks on the Top 1-1/2% heifer list from a Disco dam and has a Dashiell brother at Select! Add to that, a number of high ranking sisters, and this heifer can most definitely become a cornerstone for someone!

Another heifer (Lot 16) ranking on the Top 1-1/2% heifer list, this Dancer heifer from Jerseyland Sires is on service to sexed Kiawa! The dam side originated with a somewhat different sire stack of Lemonhead x Vivaldi x Blaise and combines high components with solid type and a wonderful JUI of 12.3! At 484CM$, this heifer provides a great chance to make more high ones in the future!

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