New York Next Generation 2020 Health Letter

The New York Next Generation Sale is going to be held on from Tuesday, April 28 to Saturday, May 2 close-out beginning at 12:00 p.m.  Thank you to those who have consigned to the sale and you can find the 2020 NEW YORK HEALTH LETTER through the link.  A copy can also be found on the USJersey website under the JMS section or you can follow this link to the page itself

You are always welcome to reach out to any member of the sale committee or Jersey Marketing Service staff if you have any questions.

Greg Lavan, JMS Manager 614/216-8838

Scott Holcomb, Mid-Atlantic Area Rep 614/563-3227

New York Next Generation Sale Committee:

  • Beth Beiersdorf, Chair – 716/353-3095
  • Rebecca Ferry – 518/248-9294
  • Meghan Moody Potter – 814/574-4817
  • George Wilson – 607/287-8476
  • Amber Darling-Mondore – 845/676-6786
  • Corrina Aldrich – 518/744-0127
  • Jen Bosley – 518/651-5689
  • Kate Bedient, 716/353-1109

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