Consign to the 63rd National Heifer Sale

See your dreams come true this summer at the 63rd National Heifer Sale in Dayton, Ore. Over the past two years, new records have been established in this long-standing sale, and your consignment could achieve that this year at one of the most thrilling and elite sales this summer! The National Heifer Sale is held in conjunction with the Annual Meetings June 24-27 in Portland, Oregon.

The sale with be composed of both live and virtual lots with heifers being housed at Forest Glen Jerseys, and will be broadcast live on Jersey Marketing Service gives you the special invitation to nominate one of your un-calved heifers, A.I. sired and out of dams and grandams appraised at least Very Good-80% are preferred. Heifers with P-levels of 8 and 9 will be given highest priority, along with those with unique marketing opportunities.  Check out the full consignment letter below for all the specifics.  You can contact JMS Manager Greg Lavan 614/216-8838, Sale Chair Allen Berry 503/559-3463, Sale Chair Curtis Gomes 503/801-1430 or Area Representative Flint Richards 614/266-9921.

Make sure you have important information such as registration numbers,  breeding dates, service sire, production records (dam and grandam) and show winnings of your consignment(s). Also include the best phone number and email address. Deadline for submission is May 10! Late submissions are welcome, but will be recorded on flysheets.

Click the following link for more information on consigning to the National Heifer Sale

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