Norse Star Jersey Dispersal – CALVES

The Norse Star Jerseys Complete Dispersal had a very long, very successful day one, selling all cows and close to calving heifers. Day two will start TODAY at 10:30 a.m. (CDT) at the dairy. 3rd Trimester bred heifers will start the day, moving down in age to breeding aged heifers. The sale will then move location to the home farm, Mike & Merna Fremstad’s house, to complete the remaining open heifers and baby calves.

There are group lots planned. HEIFER GROUP LOTS

Babies are planned on selling IN their hutches, and the internet isn’t THAT mobile, so here are the pictures of the babies! Sincere apologies on some blurry photos, and some not great angled photos – it’s a sport of its own to take baby pictures by yourself! 🙂

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