Clover Patch Cornucopia II Sale

Click on banner for a PDF copy of the banner

The Clover Patch Cornucopia Classic II Sale will be at Clover Patch Jersey dairy in Millersburg, Ohio on Friday, November 18, 2016. Alan and Sharon Kozak have a great problem, too many Jerseys for their facilities! They will be offering about 170 head of cows and bred heifers, all genomic tested and A1/A2 tested, for you to add to your herd.

The cattle on this farm are fence trained, grazing based with TMR supplemented feed, trained to freestalls, pack barn and parlor facilities, and have been a Johnes negative herd for over 10 years!

Take a glance through the catalog, now ONLINE and join Alan and Sharon and JMS in Millersburg, OH or online at on Friday, November 18!

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