New IVF Additions at Glenview

Lot 118 IVF Calves were born 1/27/2016 at Glenview Farm…and are going to be part of the Glenview Complete Dispersal. These are special girls, so be sure to pay attention to the Glenview Flysheets, and study the pedigrees, potentially bidding on these cute babies on Friday, January 29, 2016 at the farm in Fairhope, Pa.

Watch the babies play!

Lot 117 – is Glenview Tequila Anabelle-ET, out of Glenview Sambo Anna-ET, E-92%

Lot 118 – is Glenview Incentive Fantastic-ET, out of Glenview Comerica Frannie, E-93% and is the FIRST SIBLING to Glenview Tequila Fawn, VG-89% to be born! “Fawn” was the Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2014 International Jersey Show and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for Milk Source in Wis.

Can’t make it to the sale? Watch and bid LIVE with Jersey Auction Live.

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