Cantendo Acres – Grazeland Jerseys – Sale Complete


On a chilly, foggy day in northern Ohio Cantendo Acres – Grazeland Jerseys sold their milking herd and close-up bred heifers, with Grammer Jerseys contributing 16 head to the group.

A total of 94 head entered the sale ring for a standing room only crowd. An average of $2411.70 was reached for the day. Lot 885 was the top selling lot, Grazeland Plus Wishbone, VG-87%. She has a GJPI of 169 and is due to “Leonel” in June, 2016. Matthew Steiner purchased the 3-year-old for $7,000.

LOT 885
LOT 885

A big thank you to the King and Noyes family for having JMS manage their milking herd dispersal and much appreciation to the bidders and buyers of today’s sale.


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