Sorenson Hillview Jersey Farm Milk Cow Dispersal

Sorenson ReductionThe Chris and Steve Sorenson Families invite you to their farm on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8. Starting at 11:00 a.m. (CDT), they are dispersing their milking herd and springing heifers.

The catalog is now online for your viewing, downloading and printing pleasure.

The Sorenson family has built a production based herd with genomics and polled genetics playing a part in the development of some families. Their most popular family, the “Keylime-P” family, will have a select number of members offered on the sale. Males are included in this offering.

Take a look through the catalog to add genomics, polled genetics, production and good type to your herd on October 8!

Watch here for updates, videos and pictures of the consignments at the Sorenson Hillview Jersey Farm Milking Herd Dispersal as sale time approaches.

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