AJCC Research Auction

JerseyBidJerseyBid.com is the host sight of online bidding of the Benefit Auction for the AJCC Research Foundation. The items, prints, and crafts are available to be bid on in the registration room in Alexandria, Va., and also online at www.jerseybid.com.

After the last heifer is sold in the National Heifer Sale this evening, a quick LIVE auction will be held for all the items, allowing people at home to purchase on the LIVE bidding site, www.jerseyauctionlive.com. The bidding will start at the last known price either online or in the room and will move very quickly. If you doing your final bidding online, bid quickly!

An example of the items in the auction are pictured below. There are currently 28 lots!
For more information on the Lot and to bid online, visit JerseyBid.com.


photo 3 Live-1a Live-2 Live-3a Live-4a Live-5 Live-6a Live-7 Live-8a Live-9 Live-10a

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