Fred Stout Experience Deadlines Approaching


Remember the deadline to apply for the two Fred Stout Experience Awards is DECEMBER 2, 2014! One 10-week summer marketing internship is with Jersey Marketing Service and another 10-week on-farm Jersey herd management is also available.

More detailed information is listed below. Contact USJersey at with any questions.


Reynoldsburg,   Ohio, August 22, 2013—Persons who have a strong desire to pursue a career in   managing and/or marketing Registered Jersey™ cattle are encouraged to apply   for the 2014 Fred Stout Experience awards.

The   awards are presented annually in memory of Fred J. Stout Sr., Mt. Carmel,   Ill., a lifelong Jersey breeder and member of the Jersey Marketing Service   staff from 1978 to 1997 who believed that the best learning experiences   happen in the everyday world.

Two   awards will be offered: (1) a minimum 10-week summer marketing internship   with Jersey Marketing Service, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and (2) a minimum 10-week   on-farm, customized internship in Jersey herd management. Financial support   is provided by a permanent endowment created by friends and colleagues of   Fred Stout.

Applicants   must have completed their high school education. To apply, submit a one-page   résumé listing previous work experience, skills and other qualifications,   plus a separate cover letter stating your ambitions, goals and career   aspirations, including plans for achieving them. The letter must also explain   how and why the Fred Stout Experience will be of benefit in achieving future   goals. A summary of involvement with and interest in Registered Jersey™ cattle   is required. Specify which experience (marketing internship, on-farm   internship) is preferred, or indicate if you are interested in both   opportunities.

Two   letters of support are required, one from an active breeder of Registered   Jersey™ cattle, excluding immediate family members; and the other from a   teacher, mentor or past employer. These must be mailed directly by the   supporters to the AJCA office.

Applications   and letters of support must be postmarked no later than Monday, December 2,   2013 and addressed to Fred Stout Experience, American Jersey Cattle   Association, 6486 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-2362. They may be   sent by email to

Previous   recipients of the Fred Stout Experience Award are Tara Bohnert, Illinois   (2003); Allison Waggoner, South Carolina (2004); Dan Bauer, Wisconsin (2005);   Aaron Horst, Pennsylvania (2006); Jacob Pieper, Maryland (2007); Katie   Albaugh, Maryland (2008); Brady Core, Kentucky (2009); Kim Wilson, Missouri and   Ivy Roberts, Florida (2010); Joseph Fjarlie, Wisconsin and Amy Maxwell, Iowa   (2011); Robert McGarry, Vermont and Lyman Rudgers, New York (2012); and   Meagan Bolen, Ohio and Wyatt Smith, Minnesota (2013).

About the National Jersey Youth Program

The   American Jersey Cattle Association has made strategic investments in Jersey   youth since 1958 when it created the National Heifer Sale to provide annual   funding for educational programs and awards. Scholarships are paid from   permanent endowments administered by the American Jersey Cattle Association.   Contributions are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) tax   deductible charitable gifts and may be made at any time during the year.

For   more information, contact the American Jersey Cattle Association by writing   6486 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-2362, visit its web site at, or connect at


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