Clover Patch Cornucopia Sale – Bull Stud Interest

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As we near closer to the Clover Patch Cornucopia Sale, November 22, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. (EST), we have had bull studs express interest in a few of the lots being offered for sale. Below is a list of lots with the studs interested in future contract interest.

Lot 1 – CLOVER PATCH ZUMA ELLA – Jerseyland Sires, ABS, Semex, Accelerated Genetics, TAG, Genex/CRI, Liberty
Lot 2 – CLOVER PATCH PLUS ROMANCE – Accelerated Genetics, Semex, Genex/CRI, Liberty
Lot 3 – CLOVER PATCH VAL CAMELOT – Jerseyland, Accelerated Genetics, Semex, TAG, Genex/CRI, Liberty
** LOT 3 was missed on her health testing, but will be considered for private sale. Please contact a member of JMS for more details. She will not be part of the public offering.
Lot 4 – CLOVER PATCH FASTRACK JELLY – Jerseyland Sires, Accelerated Genetics, Semex, TAG, Genex/CRI, Liberty
Lot 5 – CLOVER PATCH ZEB MUSTARD – Accelerated Genetics, Semex, Genex/CRI
Lot 6 – CLOVER PATCH CHART CHATTER – Jerseyland Sires, Accelerated Genetics, Semex, Genex/CRI, Liberty
Lot 2330 – CLOVER PATCH VIRGIL PRINTS – Accelerated Genetics

The Clover Patch Cornucopia Classic sale catalog
is online for your downloading and browsing ability. You can also contact Sally Stine (614-322-4473) to request a catalog in the mail, but please do so quickly as mailing time is running short!
Stay tuned for an update on Monday about Jersey Auction Live – we are doing a final test on the internet capabilities and will know for sure if the connection is strong enough to broadcast LIVE!

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