Dean Putt

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The Dean Putt Family will be dispersing their Jersey Herd on June, 15 at the farm in Sugarcreek, OH starting at 10:30 a.m.

Catalog – with Guest Consignments

This is a well-uddered, production-bred herd. Mated by AAA from 2007 to 2010. Then the herd switched to SMS with COBA and is now mated by them. Jerseys have a RHA of 21,102M, 1,018F, 763P on 69 cows; averaging 65 lbs milk daily; SCC: 95,000; calving interval 12.4 months; the herd is BST Free.

Herd vaccinations: Birth – Selenium and First Defense; At 10 Days – Ultrachoice 7: after Weaning – Bovishield Gold FP 5L5, Once SQ (pasteurella); at 10 – 11 months – Bovishield FP 5L5; after Confirmed Pregnant – Virashield 6 plus L5 HD, Ultrachoice 7; Cows – 30 postpartum Bovashield gold FP 5L5; Verfied pregnant – Virashield 6-L5 HD; 2 Weeks before Dry – J5; At Dry Period – Ultrachoice 7, Endovac Dairy (EColi, salmonella)

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Sale Staff

Jason Robinson, JMS Manager 614/216-5862
Louie Cozzitorto, JMS Assistant Manager 209/765-7187
Erica Davis, JMS Internet Marketing Cdr. 614/361.9716
Greg Lavan, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative 740/504-1718
Neal Smith, AJCA-NAJ Executive Secretary 209/988-0601
Sally Stine, Clerk 530/304-4009
Steve Andrews, Auctioneer 330/465-8498
Seth Andrews, Ringman 330/466-5471

Any member of the sale staff would be glad to handle your phone or mail bids in complete confidence.

All animals will be tested for interstate shipment, brucellosis, tuberculosis, and BVD-PI. All will receive a shipping fever booster. All milking cows will be tested for Staph Aureus and Mycoplasma species.

Directions: From 1-77, go 7 miles west to RT 39. Turn left on Ragersville Road – 2 miles. Turn right on Bollmann Road and go to the first lane on the right. GPS Address: 8465 Bollman Road SW, Sugarcreek, OH 44681 

Hotel Headquarters: Comfort Inn – 1102 Glen Drive, Millersburg, OH | 330-674-7400 Phone

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