Holiday Spectacular Lots 103 AND 104

LOT 103: 5 #1 All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET, 7JE1038 Embryos

LOT 104: 5 #1 ISDK Q Impuls, 236JE3 Embryos

Both from POLY ACTION VIOLA, E-90% (GJPI +71) with over 22,000M last two lactations and over 1,100F as a 4-year-old
Grandam, E-90% with 305 ME AVG 8L 23,712M 1,038F 816P

Lot 103: Current bid: $200.00 / embryo
Lot 104: Current bid: $200.00 / embryo

Consignor: Cal Poly Corporation, San Luis Obispo, CA

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